Batman: Urban Knight (Arkham Knight)


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Decided to make my first 3D printed costume. I've done a Deadpool and Ironman in EVA foam. This will be mostly the Arkham Knight outfit but I'm going with a black camouflage under-suit (at least for now) and will be using the Arkham Origins bicep, tricep and thigh pieces. I'll also add a codpiece, but not sure from what so far. I'm thinking I'll do some weathering with wear and tear on the pieces. I may redo the carbon fiber vinyl also. I'm OCD and the directions bother me, plus I'm running into some adhesion issues, even with adhesion promoter.


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The symbol was driving me nuts so redid the carbon fiber vinyl. Here is a potential cod piece (I'm not 100% certain I'll actually use it) that actually came from a Halo stl file. I really need to learn to design with some of the apps available. Here's also a shot of some other pieces that are still being cleaned up and prepped.


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More progress (a lot of stuff I haven't taken photos of yet). Here are some of the back pieces. Some have been attached to each other. Having to reprint the large pieces. I've printed two different belt buckles. I like the detail on the smaller one but think I will go with the larger one because it's curved and larger. Have some touch-ups to do on the cowl (still need to figure out the magnetic attachment setup for the back plate). I'm also using the bicep and tricep guards from the Origins costume. At least until I have a muscle suit of some kind.

inner should.jpg

more pieces.jpg

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