Arkham City Robin Costume

So I finished the costume on time but didnt get a chance to upload any pics or take any good ones so for right now this is all i have but still better than nothing :)

The belt i made took about 20 minutes and ended up breaking which you can see in the pic since its held up by tape and the duct tape in my hand lol but about an hour after this pic is when i painted the mask on and completed the costume.
Havent been on in a while to post any updates but I traded the cape for a video game with one of my friends and he said he got it at an iparty.
The phone chest piece is on my couch right now with a couble rips on it and i cant find my glue gun so i cant fix it but as soon as its found or i get a new one I'll post some better pics. :)
any questions or anything feel free to ask
I'm about to start an Arkham City Robin... love what you guys did here. I picked up some floor tiles from Harbor Freight and can't wait to start carving now.
Awesome dude, it looks great:thumbsup Im busy getting my own arkham robin together:) Does anyone know where i can get boots like the games? I dont want to spend too much on them though..
I was thinking about doing my armor out of foam but I see a you are going for resin for your next one. What did you think of the foam when it was all said and done???
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