Arkham City Robin Costume


So I made a challenge for myself to have this semi completed by the 31st so I can wear it for halloween and then after halloween I can make my adjustments and other pieces to it but so far I have most of the pieces I need and I'll be posting pics later of the progress so far.

I also want this to be an open discussion on the whole Batman franchise, favorite charactors, pictures of other peoples suits, and just a page for the people that love The Dark Knight. :)
I also want to make a Arkham City Robin Costume, but not for Halloween because it is to soon and I'm broke. I'd love to see pictures!
I found a pair of pants that have the blood stripe going down just like in the pics of Robin and found two other pics of him check it out :)

Waiting on the paint to dry on the almost completed gauntlet..
awesome! another member on here (weaponx82) has the armored batman suit from the first game and probably after im done with my optimus prime for halloween i was gonna do an arkham city robin to have the dynamic duo haha

ill be watching this
so just now I completed one shin guard and just need to glue the second, also got a hooded cape, and finished one gauntlet. planning on buying a drimmel tomorrow to patch up each piece and add detail to them and buying gloves tomorrow.

This is a lot of work to get done in a week...

I know it is and thats exactly what makes it the challenging part :)

OMFG Where did u get the pants!!!!????

I didnt get them online I went to the walmart right next to my house and went into the mens clothing department and found a pair of Starter pants that had the gray stripe on the side and next to them was this pair and i got them for $12.

Once the other shin guard is glued later i'll be posting pics up of how it looks so far but just keep in mind that they arent completed, only midway of being somewhat done :)
This would make an awesome costume to recreate! I absolutely love this style of Robin. Very realistic....finally!!


Okay so far I have the shin guards almost done, one gaunlet done, the hooded cape, pants, gloves, working on the shirt which in the pic of all the pieces you can see the red in the back.
OH! and forgot to mention that i have a pair o f old boots im gonna spray paint green like Robins
How are you going to make the shirt and belt?
I believe that will be the hardest part

my plan for the shirt is this..
use stencils to first shape out each piece,
cut out the stencils, trace them onto thin red foam and cut that out,
make sure each piece fits right then paint it a deeper red,
the mod podge over the paint to seal it and give it that shiny red look like the pics,
then put it together add the R and then glue sleeves on it and thats it :)
easier said then done..

as for the belt itll be pretty much the same technique.
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Also found this tutorial that will help with the mask.

DIY Super Hero Mask : Tutorial : Backyard FX - YouTube

I used to watch backyard fx religiously lol Its one of the greates indie instructibles out there, well used to be :(
what did u make the shin guards out of? foam? and how did u do the detail?

I used Foam Mats that i bought at walmart, just those regular ones you put on the ground ina workshop or something and carved them into two parts.

the first part was the outside design which was the bottom curve and then the two pieces sticking upwards that would lead to the knee.

the second was the backside where i made the middle ridge that stuck out and carved out the extra foam and on the sides had the "buckles" where the velcro will go.

then I heated the back with a lighter and bent it into shape then hot glued the pieces together then the parts that got un-bent from glueing I reheated and bent.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a drimmel tool so I can sand down each edge and make it look not so crappy.
just finished carving out the shirt, anyone have a good way of painting foam?

Your vest looks awesome! I used Mod Podge to coat my foam armor before painting so that the paint doesn't get absorbed by the foam. It also leaves a nice smooth finish rather than a matte one. Some people use a base coat of spray on Plasti-Dip, then spray paint on top of that. Looking forward to seeing your Robin costume finished.
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