Anyone know what armor this is?

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As the title says. I've been looking around at storm trooper gear for awhile now. It seems as if Anovos is the best bet but I do not want to wait till December to receive my suit. I want to be able to have it for halloween and the movie coming out. I was thinking about buying an armor set without a helmet off ebay then buying an EFX helmet and calling it a day. Can anyone tell me what armor this is and if its any good?

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Do you think it will look terrible and I should just be patient with Anovos?


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It's recast old FX armor made of fibreglass. All decent kits are made with some type of ABS plastic and vac formed. FX was a fan sculpt from over a decade ago and inaccurate.



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I miss fx armor some days. Felt like a tease when that popped up didn't know it was fiberglass.till the last picture.
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