Anyone ever see a W.1.K.1. replica?

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I guess younger members have no idea who Jason of Star Command (who looked a lot like Han Solo) or of his faithful droid W.1.K.1. who he carried along in a pouch on his belt. I loved this Saturday Morning CBS show. I always wanted one of my own since I was a kid. Anyone ever seen a replica?
Never have, but I'd be happy to have the little guy sitting on my shelf.

A while back at a con I happened to be near Sid Haig's table when I noticed his photos, and realized that he was Dragos. Took me back...
Sorry, completely missed this thread. YES! I built an RC replica that walks and his eye can even blink. About 10 years ago now. I converted one of those old Tamiya robot kits (the walking ostrich I think) and added RC parts from one of those tiny cars they sell for about 10 bucks.

I'll take pics of it over the weekend. It looks pretty accurate from the front and sides but trying to find pics of W.1.K.1's back was a headache. I finally found some from that episode when he's flying around in space.
Here ya go...

I included a couple of shots from the show. I estimated W1K1 was about 4 1/4" wide but I may have been way off. I loved this show back in the day. :lol
I used to have a little wind up robot that looked similar to W.1.K.1. that I pretended was him. I always wanted one as well. That and that other robot that was either on JOSC or maybe Space Academy or whatever it was called with Jonathan Harris. Can't remember and too lazy to google!
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