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Here's a link to a tutorial I made for the Klingon bloodwine bottle.

Here's a few more tips:

The Cardassian Kanar bottle: The prop was a bottle that was made for Chianti wine. Sometimes you find this bottle with a grass basket bottom and sometimes you don’t. I have been told that the bottles in the grass baskets have a round bottom and will not sit up w/out the basket. I don't have one to confirm, but I have seen photos. But, not every seller knows the original use of the bottle, so they give a description of the bottle in the auction title. Try using keywords like “Vino Rosso“. “Twisted bottle”, “Spiral bottle”, “Rope bottle”, “Swirl bottle”, “decorative bottle”, and “Snake bottle”. You’ll definitely get some results.

Be aware that some of these Chianti “snake” bottles were mass produced in multiple colors. For the most part, you want the clear version. Very few colored bottles were used, and those will be noted in the chart. When it comes to clear Chianti “snake” bottles, there is clear and there is clear that has the green tint like old Coke bottles. The latter were most likely the ones sold at the time of production, but if you come across the other, by all means, grab it. Once it’s up on the shelf full of liquor, no one is going to notice. My general rule is to stay away from bottled that were not molded in their color. Sometimes a bottle is painted on the inside and if no good for storing any type of liquid. This, of course, depends on how the bottle was colored. There are many safe, colored bottles to use.

Like said above, many of the bottles used in the series were found from liquor stores or Pier1 Imports. Sometimes you can find a few bottles on eBay by typing in searches for "strange bottle", "Bottle filled with..." (Olive oil, buttons, beans, etc.), weird bottle, and so on. If you go to Quarks Qantina, you will find a large list of found items, here's a link to the bottle section. In that section, you will find info on bottles, where they can be generally be found, and what decal they need.

Here's a quick and easy tutorial for making stoppers for your bottles (this one just happens to be about the Cardassian Kanar stopper).

Bottle Stopper HowTo.jpg
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I've been looking around for a Romulan Ale Bottle or build walk through, and found out that The Wrath of Khan Romulan Ale Bottle was auctioned off last year, and the detail photos reveal that it's construction is a little different than most people have speculated. Or, at least, it seems most of the builds I'm seeing are based more on the Next Generation version with solid tiered steps on the top and base.

But in the TWOK version, the top tiers seem to be individual panes floating off a central tube, rather than solidly stacked. Also, it looks like the top cone and the bottom foot are pieces added to the main acrylic cylinder.

Romulan Ale Bottle Star Trek Wrath of Khan.jpg

The description from the auction reads: "Romulan Ale bottle from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (Paramount, 1982) A clear Romulan Ale bottle measuring 10.5 in. tall and 3.25 in. in diameter. Constructed of clear acrylic cylinder with a tiered foot at bottom and a graduating cone of rings ending in a flat cap shaped top. Gold Romulan brand decal at front and a smaller decal printed, “Vintage 2283” below. Minor crazing to interior ringed portions of the top and bottom, and very minor chipping to the logo decal. In exceptionally fine vintage condition."

Romulan Ale Bottle Star Trek Wrath of Khan.jpg
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Yep as I posted earlier the WOK Prop just got harder to replicate, the next gen ones are a breeze to replicate compared to the WOK prop

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They had the Klingon Bloodwine mug available for a while a few years ago. Wish I ordered more than one as they were pretty cheap.


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They had the Klingon Bloodwine mug available for a while a few years ago. Wish I ordered more than one as they were pretty cheap.
That looks like a commercial kitchen liquid measuring cup, though those seem to be aluminum rather than stainless and the capacities seem to jump from 16 oz to 32oz.
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