star trek the wrath of khan

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  1. Moska

    Amt uss reliant

    THE AMT MODEL KIT For the construction of this model I used the first version of the AMT model. The kit had been sleeping on a shelf for more than 20 years. The model kit presents several problems that I had to solve: 1- The height of the main body is too short. It's necessary to increase...
  2. DB537

    1:537 Star Trek IV USS Saratoga NCC-1887 (COMPLETED)

    I've had a couple of these old USS Reliant kits in storage for years. A friend gave me one of the new Aztec decal sets, so I decided to go ahead and build one of them. There are so many Reliants that I thought I'd go with something different and build this one as the USS Saratoga NCC-1887 from...
  3. Vincent V

    Any Star Trek liquor bottle ideas?

    I needed to come up with some Star Trek themed alcoholic drinks for someone's birthday recently and found it incredibly difficult to find glass bottles that even remotely resembled anything I remember from the shows. Has anyone found reasonably affordable options for recreating classic Star...
  4. M

    Spock's Pip & Squeak

    Does any one know the proper order of Spock's Pip & Squeak on the TWOK Uniform, such as the Starfleet emblem pip that was for 10 years of service and the 5 year of service pip. I can see that there is one pip on one side followed by four squeaks and then two pips on his sleeve, but I can't see...
  5. Mr. Nagata

    My Wife's Star Trek "Monster Maroon"

    I'm going to the Vegas Trek Convention in August, so I'm making a whole bunch of new costumes this month. I just finished this Wrath of Khan uniform for my wife (though they didn't start using the skirt until 5 or 6 I think). I created the pattern myself and used actual wool elastique. I...
  6. belldandy4087

    Polar Lights 1/350 scale Enterprise Refit

    Hi all, I just got my hands on the Polar Lights 1/350 scale Enterprise Refit;To say this build makes me nervous is an understatement. I have experience with warhammer figures and doign some scenery but thats about it,. ;I have some questions about after market parts. My intentions are build the...
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    My DY-100 Botany Bay Replica

    I built this a few years ago using measurements from elsewhere on the forum. The forward hull section is a little narrower than it should be but otherwise, the whole thing should be half studio scale.
  8. K

    Refit Enterprise Reference Photos - Need Your Input

    Hello everyone, I've been searching around the FAQ and other such things here, reading threads and looking at the Movie Reference Photo sections, and have found that in the Star Trek Movie Franchise sections, there are very few, if any reference photos of the Refit Enterprise. I know that...
  9. Jediknightandy

    Enterprise Research Help! 4ft Constitution Class Refit plans/ designs (Star Trek TMP)

    Hey all! I'm looking at doing a full scratch build of the Enterprise refit from the Motion Picture and Wrath of Kahn. I know the filming model ended up being completed at 8 foot, unfortunately i'm not sure i have the space to achieve such a giant build, so I'm instead looking at the 4foot...
  10. D

    1/350 R2 Refit Enterprise > Reliant conversion kit

    Heya, Been working on this nearly 2 years now (Christ, has it been that long?). Started out as CAD model that took about a year of dawdling to make, followed by months and months and sanding/smoothing the 3D printed parts. Finally nearing the finish line. Here are the majority of the kit...
  11. Mutant-Enemy

    Interest Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Romulan Ale Decanter- Finally.

    Here at long last in the interest list for the Romulan Ale Decanter as seen in Wrath of Khan and my recent thread here at the RPF concerning the build. These are all acrylic made, laser cut and hand assembled. Two types of bonder are used: One for general purpose and the second for those area’s...
  12. P

    Enterprises and how to paint them correctly

    I know there are countless video ect I am planning on starting enterprise ships starting with nx 01 what would be the proper paint types to use, acrylic ect and colors. Should I paint at night\dark low light to get the space lighting effect? What is the actual color to use? I'd also like to...
  13. Mutant-Enemy

    Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Romulan Ale Decanter- Finally Realized.

    Back before last Christmas I got together with an old friend who suggested we do a project together. He asked what I'd like to bring to life and I suggested the Romulan Ale Decanter from Star Trek II. Luckily he agreed and here is what followed: We looked at a lot of screen grabs from the...
  14. norbauer

    Norbauer's Notebook - adventures in recreational Star Trek (mostly) prop replication.

    For the months of January, February, and March I rented a work space at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA (right in sight of the Boston skyline). I thought it would be a good excuse to keep me occupied and distracted during the worst of the long, depressing Massachusetts winter. When the...
  15. L

    Star Trek TMP warp intermix chambers

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows how much of the horizontal and vertical intermix chambers from Star Trek TMP/TWOK was a physical set piece, and how much was post-processing? Does anyone by chance have any dimensions for these constructions? I'm wondering if a scale model of the...
  16. D

    Do you have a TWOK "Monster Maroon" Uniform? Need Photos (Please read)

    Greetings everyone! I am looking for those of you who have made a replica of the Star Trek II-VI Officer Uniform (aka "Monster Maroon")... I am in need of some high quality photos for use in a project that I am working on. I would be happy to give proper credit for use of your photos, but I...
  17. S

    Wrath of Khan Regula-1 Scientist Badge - parts identification help needed!

    I'm putting together a Carol Marcus Regula-1 costume for a friend and I thought I could pick the brains of some of the talented people on this board for advice on the one prop involved. Each scientist has a similar chest badge. It appears to be a piece of clear textured plastic with several...
  18. ADarkly

    screenused film/tv prop+costume convention display photoset

    Meant to post some of these here quite a while ago, and I've gotten the occasional hit from an RPF thread in my Flickr a little intimidated that they might not be useful. But you can never have too much reference, right? This is NOT my personal collection, so maybe the mods will...
  19. Felgacarb

    Star Trek II:TWOK Communicator Concept

    Back when I first saw the film, in the theater, I remember being puzzled by the big clunky communicator Kirk & Savik used to talk to the Enterprise with. I couldn't imagine why they'd have such an ugly boxy looking device. But I was quite young at the time, and convinced myself that the weird...
  20. JoeRalat

    Genesis device prop????

    Anyone knows what happen to the genesis device prop? Its such a big part of the plot of two movies. Thanks
  21. misterfusion

    Shatner TWOK - This may cheese off the purists...

    ...but when I have a chance to get my hands on Admiral James T. Kirk's screen-worn uniform, you better damn well believe I was gonna get some pics in it. And I know I can count on you cats to forgive the Photoshop tomfoolery. We're shooting costumes that'll be in our upcoming auction, so as...

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