Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Romulan Ale Decanter- Finally Realized.


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Back before last Christmas I got together with an old friend who suggested we do a project together. He asked what I'd like to bring to life and I suggested the Romulan Ale Decanter from Star Trek II.
Luckily he agreed and here is what followed:

romulanbottleStarTrekII.jpg romulanbottle3.jpg romulanbottle1.jpg
We looked at a lot of screen grabs from the movie.

NewGTopGlued.jpg NewDJig.jpg
We made a number of jigs for lining every thing up.

New46.jpg New48.jpg BottomBevelingPost.jpg BottomBeveling.jpg
We did a lot of test fitting on cut pieces.

NewC.jpg NewBMillingOUTImperfections.jpg
As well as a lot of refining of shapes.

New47.jpg Handassembled4.jpg NearFIN2.JPG
The results begin to speak for themselves...

FINISHEDa.jpg BeveledEdges2.jpg
After beveling of edges, polishing, machining the stopper and sealing everything up, the finished bottles are really quite spectacular.
The finished bottle holds a little bit less than a pint of liquid.
I was planning on starting an interest thread for these but wanted to give a peek at our process before that happens.


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Thanks for asking.
We used two bonding agents, the first of which was applied to the area's that would come into contact with liquid. The second was used in all other areas.
The bottle is food safe but I recommend that strong alcohol not be stored in it for long periods of time.
It is a "Decanter" after all.


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One of the elusive Trek Props that has been talked about by many but never realised!

Congratulations, you should have a lot of sales with these!


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Thanks for all the positive feed-back guys! Hey Nexus, Good to see you man!
ProK- The whole thing is done in acrylic and food grade sealed on those seams on the inside that come into contact with any liquid.
Truth be told it is slightly larger than the screen used bottle but not much.
At this point we have two bottles completed with another two that are going to be available after this next week-end.
I need to go ahead and get my premium membership going so I can post that sign up list so we'll have a better idea as to who wants one of these.
Also: depending on sales, we may offer the Next Generation Bottle as well.(seen below- we could do it in frosted or non-frosted depending on what each customer wants)
Non-frosted with a polished aluminum ring and cap.

Frosted with polished aluminum ring and cap.


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