Any Robocop auto nine experts out there?


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Recently I managed to find the cnc Mafioso aluminum auto nine kit. The people that sold it to me said it fits the KSC auto nine that I have. (Pictured below the box in the picture) Come to find out they were wrong and it doesn’t fit. I hear it can be made to fit, but it was expensive and I have no idea exactly how extensive the mods need to be. I could just buy a KSC 93R that it’s made to fit on but I prefer the magazines of the auto nine I have. Any advice or input would be appreciated. (Btw, these are airsoft gas blow back guns for anyone who didn’t know)


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Did you ever get an answer to your question on this? What model of 93R is the one you posted? I don't have an answer for you, I just am just curious.
I did some more research and the Mafioso conversion kit is designed to work with the KWA/KSC M93R standard version with the flip down foregrip.
The Auto-9 has some slight design differences that might make it incompatible.

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