Any alternatives to sites like Screenrant, Collider, & CBR? All are now owned by Valnet, Inc, require login.


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I used to go to screenrant for entertainment news (particularly for "geeky" content), though I started tiring of slogging through the posts to find anything worth reading (fan art is not news, imho). I started going to collider, which was pretty similar in content. Recently, both sites now require signing in to read their content. It's supposedly free, but I just don't want to sign up and sign in just to read a simple article or blurb, especially when the content isn't that great anyway.
I tried CBR, but they also require logging in. I realized all three sites now even look the same - same format, even the same font. I looked into it, and it turns out they're all owned by a company called Valnet, Inc:
Seems like Valnet is just buying up every media outlet they can, which is another reason I have no interest in supporting these sites. They're all being homogenized so they're indistinguishable from one another, yet still operating separatelyso as to create the illusion of different, competing sites. I also found it a bit odd that Valnet has no Wikipedia entry. I mean, I did find their company's website easily enough, but it's full of generic corporate jargon and buzzwords and not much else, wgich only reinforces my suspicions that they're just out to acquire as many media outlets as possible and not really provide anything of value.

Anyway, back to my question: are there any similar entertainment websites out there (that Valnet doesn't own)? IGN is the only one that I've gone to that has anything along similar lines.
Well, if you're wanting news, I don't know if Dark Horizons is still up and running or not. Haven't visited that site in years, so I'm assuming it might still be up. But, the thing is that I don't know if it got bought out by some other company and turned into a content farm too. At this point, it's best to assume that there aren't any until you come across one that isn't.
I like Variety and Vulture. Not very Geek-centric, but they give me a broader cross-section of what's going on out there. I read them in an RSS reader to avoid the ads.
I always wait to hear ex newshound Mark Bernardin give me a rundown on “Fatman Beyond”!

He reads all the sights and then yaps about it on youtube

Some of those entertainment news sites have so many ads scrolling over the article that I wanna head-butt whatever screen I’m looking at.

But then I haven’t really followed entertainment news’s since Ain’t It Cool News in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

Aw orange and brown memories….
I stopped checking Comic Book Resources years ago when that site became just opinion and spoiler posts. I stopped checking Collider in the past year or so when I noticed it was going the same way.

Comics Continuum is good for comic previews and the monthly solicitations from publishers.

Dark Horizons is still good for movie news. So is Bloody Disgusting for horror movie, videogame, and related news.
back in the day I would just go to every now and then to see what's new. I'll never use any real news site except for my default webpage for a very long time. Mostly game related news though with random fun articles.

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