Another completed Boushh...oh no not another one LOL!

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by AlderaanGirl, May 24, 2006.

  1. AlderaanGirl

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    I really don't know why I am posting this other than I am really happy I was recently accepted in the 501st. Two weeks today, to be exact. So, I guess all I am doing is introducing myself.

    This is me, offically BH-0937 of the Florida Garrison ~ Tampa Bay Squad

    LOL..please excuse my bad editing. I wanted a ROTJ background, but its not a good editing job at all. :lol

    A special thanks goes out to Jamey (Fetthunter) for BBG board and all his advice.

  2. blufive

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    Nice job.

  3. TK709

    TK709 New Member

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    Very nice. Also, welcome to the 501st.

    Charlie C TK/TS709
  4. The Wook

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    Love it. :thumbsup :thumbsup

    The Wook
  5. seswa

    seswa New Member

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    WOOT. looks great. (and of course congrats on becoming official.)
  6. James Kenobi 1138

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    Wow that looks AWESOME .. Great job, have fun wearing that costume proudly, it looks great.
  7. rmschneider104

    rmschneider104 Sr Member

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    Lookin' snazzy.
  8. Darth Kahnt

    Darth Kahnt Sr Member

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    Looks great.
  9. steveo

    steveo Sr Member

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    Looks very nice. Any more pics?
  10. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Sr Member

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    Looks great :thumbsup
  11. MonCal

    MonCal Well-Known Member

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    Sweet. I love the Boushh outfit. It has always been one of my absolute fav's :)
  12. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

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    Yeah. Can't see too many great Boushhes. . . Boushhi?
    Great costume.
  13. GundamZeppelin

    GundamZeppelin Sr Member

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    T :thumbsup heres not enough boushh out there i think :D :thumbsup
  14. Trooper TK409

    Trooper TK409 Well-Known Member

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    I really like this character and you wear it very well - more pics, you look great. :)
  15. AlderaanGirl

    AlderaanGirl Well-Known Member

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    Thanks everyone for the kind compliments. I really appreciate it. And Sheila, its an honor for me to be 'finally' a 501ster :) Thank you.

    I have a couple of pics I can post. No bad photoshopped background this time.

    A negative thing about my Boushh is I am taller than Carrie :( And its very hot to wear, especially here in Florida :unsure Nevermind...Tatooine.


  16. OldKen

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    <div class='quotetop'>(AlderaanGirl @ May 25 2006, 01:03 PM) [snapback]1250529[/snapback]</div>

    you look very well proportioned in the pics (meaning very carrie esque) and your 501st pic is not bad.

    you are being overly critical. you look great.

    any shots of you in the suit with the helmet off?

    i dont know why but i always thought carrie looked so hot when she first removed the helmet, instead of a disfigured scarred alien bounty hunter... well its carrie, lookin all... well... you know.

    you know you are a true SW nerd when you think that leia in the boushh outfit is JUST as hot as her in the slave one... :love

    sad... maybe. :p
  17. SithLord

    SithLord Sr Member

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    Your height doesn't show...looks great. If you don't mind me saying...perhaps a little more bad-* Leia in the poses? ;)

  18. JoeR

    JoeR Sr Member

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    Great work. I have always liked that costume.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Luisiana Jones

    Luisiana Jones Active Member

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    looks awesome
  20. swampbug

    swampbug New Member

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    Overall I think the costume is great.

    thigns that would make it better.

    Dirty it up a little.

    And the Gray straps almost have a cheap look to them. Like they were duct tape or something. (from the pics)

    I think they need more detail or more varienty of color and material (Belt vs. bullet things), it just isnt working.
  21. AlderaanGirl

    AlderaanGirl Well-Known Member

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    Thanks again everyone.

    I'll admit I am very critical and hard on myself. But, I never feel that anything I do is 100% right. All I do is try my best and sometimes that is not enough :( I can only rely on my limited capabilities, as I do my own work :( Oh well...

    I have to agree, I can probably dirty it up more (the jacket atleast) I'm pretty happy with what I have done with the pants. I suppose I should dirty the jacket up some more. I'm always afraid of overdoing the distressing.

    OldKen: Here's a pic w/no helmet. I'm far from Carrie. So no hot looking pic here. Oh and the goofy look is I was trying to pose a sort of serious look LOL, it didn't work. And then there is my armor slipping a little back :lol :p


    Swampbug: As far as my bandolier, it was made from FettHunter, and it is top quality. I did however paint it. The straps are nylon webbing. Here is a better pic of my bandolier (and armor) Perhaps the outdoor lighting made it look cheap to you. I don't know. I did take the pics on my outdoor lanai.

  22. Fetthunter

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    <div class='quotetop'>(AlderaanGirl @ May 26 2006, 01:57 PM) [snapback]1251224[/snapback]</div>

    Lori's costume looks great. She's been working on it a LONG time, and it's nice to see that it all paid off. :thumbsup

    As the maker of the bandolier mentioned above, I thought I'd mention that my bandoliers are made using the same methods and materials that were used to make the original. I even use copies of the same model parts that were used as greeblies on the "box" pieces. Since the original Boushh was a "30 second costume" (referring to a costume only seen briefly during a movie), the original, while detailed, didn't receive as much "attention" from the prop department, as say, Vader. Also, the shots of the costume in the movie were relegated to poorly-lit (by design, mostly) spots within Jabba's Palace. This makes it hard for anyone to get a detailed look at most of the costume. Much of the available reference material has been accumulated at The Boushh Builders Group.

    Needless to say, it's a great costume that, even though it wasn't seen for very long on the screen, was etched into the minds of costumers and fans everywhere.

    Keep up the great work, Lori. :D
  23. steveo

    steveo Sr Member

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    Again, great looking costume. What type of boots/shoes did you use? And pics of just the shoes without the boot material?
  24. AlderaanGirl

    AlderaanGirl Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Jamey for the kind post :)

    <div class='quotetop'>(steveo @ Jun 3 2006, 01:48 PM) [snapback]1255475[/snapback]</div>
    Thanks again Steveo.

    My boots. Best I can tell you about them is this, I had been looking on ebay (and in stores) for awhile trying to get a close enough base boot. I ended up finding this pair on ebay. They were listed as "vintage suede boots". They are ankle length suede boots, fleece lined and zipper in the middle. I have no idea as to when they were made. What I ended up doing was then buying natural color suede leather (also on ebay). From there, I used picture references of the boot and made the spats. I used my sewing machine, the suede and beige felt backing (along with velcro and elastic) to make them.
    Once I completed that, I bought "Nu-Life leather dye for both the spats and boots and dyed them (this way they would match)

    The funny thing about the dye is, it looks different in different lighting. Flash, non-flash and outdoor pictures. The boots vary in shading. As you can see from the below pics.

    Base suede vintage boots (with flash indoor pic)

    Outdoor pic, taken as I was dying the boots (you can see the boot greeblies are covered with tape)

    This is the same color and boot.. See how different it looks compared to the above picture?.

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