Power Ranger/Super Sentai Visor (hold on, this one is harder...)


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I think this is my first post here or at least the first one in a long long time. So... hi :)

Now to the good stuff.
How does one make a visor like this?

Note that it's not a regular shape that one could get a good result by simply bending a sheet and painting with some black tint like a lot of other power ranger helmets.

I imagine you'd have to make a mold and then shape the material.

Look at this one? It even has some sharp edges...

I don't wanna do these exact ones. I'm interested in the technique.
They seem to have a lot of detail, it's even like a continuation of the helmet (as opposed to being on the inside) and worst of all... so curvy. I can see this going wrong in so many ways.

I think the easiest option could be something like worbla maybe (I never tried it, but I know you can shape it with heat), but I wanna know what's the best way. How are they made for the shows and how can one replicate it at home with some degree of quality.

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.
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