Annigrand 1/2256 Star Destroyer / Delivered!

Those of you who have received kits, how long did it take to arrive? I placed an order for one on Jan 15, but have not yet received the kit or any other communication (shipping notice etc).
I ordered one on Jan 16 and haven`t got mine or confirmation either.I don`t think there is anything to worry about though as a lot of places just send things out when they`re ready without any sort of communiction these days.I`ll let you know when mine arrives.:)

By the way Robiwon how is yours going?Pics?

Those of you who have received kits, how long did it take to arrive? I placed an order for one on Jan 15, but have not yet received the kit or any other communication (shipping notice etc).

I ordered one around the same time and was given Feb 8th as a likely shipping date.

I'll post a heads-up once I've accepted delivery.
mine arrived 4 weeks later after it was shipped. Arnold is not sending a shipping confirmation, but he will give you a tracking number if you email him
Mine took two weeks to get from HK to the UK, including a wait at customs.
Pretty good really.
I suppose it depends how long local customs decide to sit on it whilst they throw a dart at a bunch of numbers to 'work out' what charges they will add on.
A few broken bits, bent corners.

Not sure if the damage was from shipping or during packing.

Nothing beyond simple repair though.

Looks like clean up isn't a big issue either and build up will be fast.
Had a set of old micro machines and sure enough the Blockade Runner fits nicely in the bay. The bottom needs a little fixing and the engines need drilling out but should work nicely.
I ordered my kit on the 16th last month and nothing yet. I emailed Anigrand last night on the delivery date and no reply yet.

BTW, the guys over at Starshipmodeler are saying that Anigrand was hit with a C & D.
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I ordered mine on the 16th Jan too and Arnold has said it was shipped last wednesday.So needless to say I`m rather chuffed that I got in while I could.

I also had my frigate arrive last week and to say thats it`s beutifully detailed is an understatement.The thing is small but the details are sooo crisp and nicely cast.Same with the little blockade runner.

It`s a shame about the C&D but it`s happening more and more these days.You can`t blame people for wanting kits like these when the liscenced stuff is so average.

I got the kit a couple of days ago and can't stop looking at it in awe. It is beautifully detailed , well cast and fits as well (or better than) a styrene kit,
absolutely amazing,
Re: Annigrand 1/2256 Star Destroyer w/Pictures

What a steal! Too bad I'm broke. :cry Hopefully this kit will be available for a while.

Apparently Anigrand just got hit with a C&D. More that likely no more SW kits from them.

If there is a kit out there that you like made by an unauthorized GK maker...better get it now. I missed the boat myself by sitting on the fence. Too bad, this SD looked like a nice kit.

That's a real shame. The Anigrand Star Destroyer is a thing of beauty and I was just about to order another and their 1/144 Falcon, now I've just paid off the Xmas credit card bill.
Still at least FM are doing the Falcon, which I believe is nicer than the Anigrand one (and cheaper), so it's not all bad.
Put a good dent in this thing today for a few hours.

Only concern I have is that both top and bottom halfs will ultimately assemble for a straight looking profile, it should but we shall see.

Other then that no big issues, a gap here and there.
Nice thing is you can add little styrene squares or what have you to help cover gaps
and they will look totally at home on this thing.
I got mine today.Wow that was fast shipping.Sent last wednesday from China and got to me in Australia today/Monday.

My god this is an awsome kit.No pictures I`ve seen do it justice.The details are incredible and the casting perfect.It`s also a very managable size.I always wanted the RC version but it is just that bit to big for me to display whereas this is just right,not to mention the same scale as other subjects I have.

Awsome work Anigrand,you`ve brought a kit to me that I`ve wanted for over 30years.Thank you.:loveIt was fun while it lasted.:cry

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