Annigrand 1/2256 Star Destroyer / Delivered!

Glad you got the little Runner CessnaDriver! Thanks for the compliments on mine.:)

Yes the pinstiping and circles were all done freehand. I used a 5 "0" brush and acrylic red paint. The ships base coat was enamel. That way if I messed up painting the stripes I could just wash all the red off and not mess up the white. Thankfully, I got it right without to much trouble. It is actually not that hard to do the stripes. Just take your time and use a good brush.

Here's a tip. Super glue the ship to a plastic sprue a few inches long. This will give you something stable to hold on to while painting. Or use FunTac (the poster hanging stuff) on the end of a popcicle stick. Stick the Runner on the end of it. Same thing.


Ani Runner kicked the micromachine out finally. Much better.
Antilles is getting choked as we speak....


The only thing left now is the base, here is my progress on that. the top one is just to test out the support rod lengths. Hoping I can get a mirror cut to shape with holes for the rods.

By the way, Gorilla Glue rocks.

Good start.

You should have no trouble scoring a mirrored section for the base. Any custom mirror/ glass fitting shop will be able to drill out the holes for the support rods -- and fairly cheaply at that.
The base parts have been chump change so if the mirror stays cheap that would be awesome.

It would be nice to get a little MR like plaque made for it too.
Might look into that too, put whatever the "official" vessel classification is and all that.
It would be nice to get a little MR like plaque made for it too.
Might look into that too, put whatever the "official" vessel classification is and all that.

"Bad Guy Pie Cruiser" :lol

PastorJedi does some awesome plaques. I have a few from him.
38 bucks for the mirror with drilled holes. Not the cheapest but I didn't shop around and it's on the way to work.
I get it on Monday. Oddly enough they said the acrylic rod wouldnt fit in the holes. The size should have been right, but I guess I may have to sand them down to get them to fit.

The medical frigate came with the blockade runner so here is how that turned out.
Now it needs a base too! LOL
A couple quarters glued together and a stick should do. LOL



So here is the progress on the base.
It is nearly done. The silver covers on the bottoms of the rods are temporary and slide off.
The holes they drilled in the mirror were nasty looking and needed to be covered somehow though. I plan on finding some chrome washers to replace them.
I tried for as small a base as possible as I am always troubled for display real estate.





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