Anigrand Star Destroyer


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I recently acquired one of these kits, not a recast, but from the original run. I have been doing quite a bit of searching over the past few days familiarizing myself with other builds. One part I am not overly happy with is the detail on the turbo lasers. I seem to recall the studio model had 8 cannons for each gun? Any suggestions on replacing those parts? I was thinking of some brass barrels from an appropriate sized battle ship kit, but I am not sure what scale I would need to look at, any suggestions?

I would also appreciate any sage advice from those who have ventured down this path before. This is my first kit of this size, though I did do an RC Radiant Cruiser, but I feel as if this model is much more complex. Additionally, I am lighting this beast so that adds another complicated layer.

Thanks in advance!

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