ANH Hero DL-44 Discussion - Three ANH Greeblies Found


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Yes, they are. They were the discs near the trigger on the bowcaster. I edited my other post, there are also beveled and flat versions I believe are the same diameter.
Great info. Thanks.!

If it's solid underneath it would be an easy glue-on for the mystery disk knob. A great contender for the mystery knob!

I imagine something "maybe" connecting the center hole and the rail top where it looks like something else was glued.


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Just for fun, I put my Mitchell parts on my blaster.

The pulley was too small, as we already knew, but the stylus brush base seated itself within my painted circle perfectly...

View attachment 1537703 View attachment 1537705 View attachment 1537706 View attachment 1537704 View attachment 1537707
I'm personally pretty convinced that this greeblie is what was once covering the mystery disk. The fact that it has the same diameter, hole in the middle (to allow for some spray paint to pass through leaving the black dot in the center of the mystery disk) and that we know these pieces were around and used on other ANH props ... who knows maybe one day we'll get lucky and some photographic evidence will turn up.


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The ones I have here measure 25.3mm (0.996 inches) /and 25.25mm.

The ones from Jerry’s last run were very slightly smaller.


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If you snugged that greeblie up against the rail and glued it there, then painted it and removed the greeblie, I'm sure it would leave the impression of the remaining unpainted circle creeping up that side rail a bit, as was discussed earlier in this thread.


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I posted a while back that someone had glued something to a real gun and when the removed it it left a discolored area. Either pulling off the bluing or discoloring the area.

Could very well be. The mottled or splotchy coloration is the uneven glue surface.

If the blaster was not sprayed black, and I tend towards not, then no glue under the hole would also leave a dark center.

Both scenarios work.


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A couple things for fun as well..

First how do people see this greeblie cut? Directly in half?? It looks like it’s close to the Mauser itself and it wouldn’t be able to sit that close if it was simply cut directly in two. I cut one in half and the other is 0.05 beyond half I believe..

For fun I also made an assy of the MS to see what the mystery t track might look like. I did the bottom similar to how I’ve seen kpax do his t tracks. Doubt it’s hallow but again for fun. Also for reference it’s .150 thick..

Lastly the heat sink grille.. IMHO this is what I see. I cut it up and assembled it (it will be printed in parts fyi) as pictures always makes communication much easier. Anyone else see this?
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Looks good.

The grills could have been opened up to fit over the rail.

They must have had a bunch of those kits !

Carson did a great grill assembly as well. The jumbled angles and flipped parts are key.

The antenna ends should sit on the barrel.
More angle.

I don’t think the rod is hollow but who knows. The actual part may have been. It would be filled on the MerrSonns anyway.

If anyone has seen or will see the Greedo maybe they can tell.


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Received some of my parts back on the remodeling of my hensoldt. I posted a bunch of pictures here for anyone who’s curious as to how they came out..


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Another set from our Anonymous hero, to help get things back on track..with approval of course..:D

See anything?..maybe a Round/Tube center greeblie between the antennas? per the Greedo Blaster, instead of the T-Track we all thought was there for so many years ;)


Wow, my sincere thanks again! I've been digging everywhere for these higher resolution photos. Thanks Carson!

Re the grills on the side...
Don’t think so.

The rear one is missing on this side.
You can see the glue remains.

View attachment 1537769

Yeah, clearly they're glued on. I'm fairly certain they just cut them in half on a band saw or something, so reason to go to the trouble of accounting for the lost mm, they weren't doing precision work.

Also, check out the rear left grill on the one with broken flash hider (I don't think that was ever intentional BTW). It's melted or otherwise badly distorted! I wonder if whatever caused this is also the reason for the missing grill on the other Merr Sonn?
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