And yet another mystery part, ; )


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Anybody recognize this part. It's on the landing bay bottoms, on the Studio Galactica model. Obviously a radial engine from a small scale airplane kit.

It's # 17 on the map.
Any help will be appreciated, ; )

Screenshot_2024-05-16-19-21-09 (1).png

Port Bay Bottom.jpg
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You know, that's what my notes say and what would be logical. But looking at some CUs the part has features not consistent with either the Leopold or Morser. Worth a closer look.
Yea I've found a few mistakes on the maps I have. Usually it's a number that's been reversed like 71 instead of 17. It's frustrating but there's such a wealth of info out now, I can't be too greedy. I appreciate all your help. You definitely know your stuff. Got a few maps I'm trying to flesh out now. I'll probably start a new thread. Thanks again !


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