An Experiment: List your All-Time 3 Favorite Songs.

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I want to enlist the help of the RPF to test something I heard a while back on the radio.

I was trying to catch a sports score in the car and switched over to a local Sports Radio station in the middle of the day (that I don't usually listen to). There was an afternoon 'team' of guys and girls doing the regular sports/general theme show.

The main DJ was going on-and-on that it was IMPOSSIBLE and/or VERY DIFFICULT to narrow down all the songs that you love and make a list of your THREE All-Time, Greatest and Most Favorite Songs.

He said that it was just too difficult because with music we just have too many favorites to rank them and establish a Top 3. This radio group had been given the challenge about a week prior and all of them expressed that they either had not been able to decide on a top 3 or just couldn't narrow down their favorite songs enough to even really make a list at all that they said were their absolute top 3.

So my challenge is: Can you list 3, and ONLY 3, songs and say they are your all time favorites, ranking them above all the other songs you've ever heard in your life ?

And when I say your top 3 songs, I mean if you were stranded on a deserted island with a broken ipod that could only play 3 songs for the rest of your life you would want these 3 to be those songs. You would hold these 3 songs up before your friends, family, god and country and declare them as your all-time favorite top 3 songs ever.

To be valid you have to abide by the following rules:
1. List your top 3 favorite songs.
2. DO NOT list more then 3 songs.
3. DO NOT list less then 3 songs.
4. DO NOT say 'Anything by this artist'.
5. DO NOT say 'Anything from this album'.
6. DO NOT say 'Anything from this type of music'.
7. DO NOT say 'These are my top 3, but these were almost the top 3'.
8. You get the idea.......

Can you list your Top 3 songs of all time, or is it impossible ?
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Re: An Experiment: List your 3 all time 3 favorite songs.

I ask because I find it very easy.

1. 'Divorce Song' by Liz Phair
2. 'Linger' by the cranberries
3. 'Adia' by Sarah Mclachlan
Re: An Experiment: List your 3 all time 3 favorite songs.

Oh, and if you are able to establish a Top 3, you are totally welcome to say why they are your favorites. Or just list them. Either way.
Porch - Pearl Jam
Corduroy - Pearl Jam
Hail, Hail - Pearl Jam

I know that probably makes me sound 1 dimensional, but I can't think of three songs I like more.
In order--for God, for country, and in memory of the love of my life.

"How Great Thou Art" - George Beverly Shea
"God Bless the USA" - Lee Greenwood
"Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" - Bryan Adams

"Low Spark of High-heeled Boys" by Traffic. It's an eleven minute song, awesome for slow-dancing or for playing slap-and-tickle when that's an issue for young folks, and isn't "Stairway to Heaven," automatically putting you ahead of everyone else who want to rub parts by showing you have eclectic taste.

"Dixie Chicken" by Little Feat. Poured into a glass neat it's an awesome song, and sung in a whisper to your baby it's a lullaby. When my boy was an infant, I used to croon this to him in a lilt and it never failed to soothe him asleep.

"Tangled Up in Blue" by Bob Dylan. Honestly, the sum total of pop music could go away and if these three songs were left behind I'd be fine.
Yeah, I can't do it. Not top 3. I could probably do top 10, but that would still take a while. I wouldn't be able to just rattle them off. I like A LOT of good music.
Long cool woman in a black dress - The Hollies (I sat in front of my turntable many years ago, playing the intro to this song over and over, trying to learn it on guitar for a band I was in.}

Movin' on - Missouri

While my guitar gently weeps - The Beatles/George Harrison
He was right. It IS very difficult. Especially with no genre limitations. All of classical, pop, rock, jazz, musical? Three songs? My brain broke at the prompt. So here are the first three that popped into my head. Ask me a different day, I'd probably give a different answer.

"Don't Stop Me Now" -- Queen

"I Only Want To Be With You" -- Dusty Springfield

"She'd Rather Be With Me" -- The Turtles

I think I chose three positive songs, as I wouldn't want to ruminate and brood if I was trapped on an island with a broken iPod.
I think I chose three positive songs, as I wouldn't want to ruminate and brood if I was trapped on an island with a broken iPod.

Ha! Based on that criteria, I think I split the difference, with one song about getting out from under The Man's thumb, and two play-through-after-a-girl-does-you-wrong songs. So making the best of your situation is a pretty good theme for a shipwrecked iPod.
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