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Hey, Not built a model kit in quite a while, and now I'm at uni I've got a bit more money to spend on things! It's not quite finished yet, still have to weather it a bit more and paint the rest of the feathers underneath, and cover it in a matte coat.




This is a great release, really easy to put together, no gaps at all and hardly any cleaning up needed. The only problem I had was when gluing the top half of the hull to the bottom half, but I just tied it together and left it overnight.

Comments welcome :D
That's a really gorgeous paint job! Looks super-accurate to my eye. Really captures the sweeping predatory majesty of the ship - the character of the BOP - superbly.

Great job!
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Thanks! :D actually surprised myself with this one :p Just deciding whether or not to paint HMS Bounty on the side. Might leave it in the hands of the klingons.
I Have always loved the design of the bird of pray, and the Amt seems to be a reasonable kit. Just never been able to score one at the right time.

The paint job is spot on, thanks for sharing.

Beautiful job!

I've been sitting on one of these kits for a couple of years now. I refuse to build it until I can get my hands on one of Cobywan's wing kits.
Funny I just pulled this kit out of the stash Yesterday and started collecting reference... I've had it for years, just never got to it until now.

Your's look great!

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Very nice. The kit was re released by Round 2 recently, they improved the wing hinge detail and added landing gear.
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