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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by t2sides, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. t2sides

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    Haven't had time to update the build up progress on this little beauty, but wanted to post a few pics for your enjoyment.
    If you are a Stargate fan, this is a great kit for you.

    The detail is fantastic, and Kip did an amazing job on the master. :thumbsup It's a very easy build up, just clean her up good, primer, and do some paint and weathering.

    The kit is available at Fed Models:


  2. Watson

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    Amazing work Sean. :)

  3. saintg

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    UGH. I've seen better on the bottom of my shoe. :D

    Just kiddin'. Nice as usual.
    George :p
  4. Wolvster1

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    Believe me, the pictures DO NOT
    do that paint job justice . :thumbsup

    You did an OUTSTANDING job painting
    and weathing that kit up. Just kinda' depressing I only got
    to hold it in my hands for so short a time before
    putting it back in it's box...

    :cry :cry :cry
  5. JP05

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    I won the buildup that was on Ebay......I just love the kit. T2....AWESOME paintjob...

    I noticed on my kit...there are some details missing. Like above the engines...I dont have any of that ribbing on mine. Also in the Federation models pic there are two...."laser" looking cannons. Are they supposed to be on the kit?

  6. t2sides

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    Yes, there are two 'cannons' that go on the bottom on the 'dome', they line up side by side, you pick how you want them 'aimed'. I did not mount them as I had to ship this model back. Notice I have no mounting system, I let the owner determine that.

    As to the "Ribbing", that was my little personal added detail. I put a tank track on the back there. I just thought it'd spruce that area up a bit, as I can't get any good screeen grabs of it, so I took my own artistic license on that one.

    Thanks everyone for their kind comments, much appreciated.


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