Aliens Shoulder Lamp - Found Part and 3d Print


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Inspired to add to my Aliens paraphernalia. Whilst researching I lucked upon a near new Reflecta 3002 light. I never find 'found parts' (added difficulty in Australia) so was thrilled to find the real McCoy! No chance of any of the other real parts so ill 3D print those as I go. Even my entry FDM does a great job on the details, I think. Work in progress but coming along nicely. Just thrilled about the Reflecta. Will follow up later.


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Update... Made the aluminium mounting clip and cut the extra heat vent panel from the back of old bulb housing as you are supposed to do. I'm making a better bulb holder. Undercoated and painted the main parts. Test fit now and will then wire up and weather shortly.


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and done!... Did the wiring. I made the blue / brown wires just exposed too. As per an original one. Working with a found item was a real mini insight into the mind of the original builders. Something I hadn't had before and was a real joy! I could just imagine chopping these things up and banging them out for production. Plus 80's stuff was built like a tank! I forgot how it was actually meant to last. I made an 8x AA battery holder (who has these laying around?) and screwed it all together. Did some weathering to match my other Aliens stuff and all done!


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I spent way more than I should on the lamp or I would investigate these :) Bookmarked however! I've been looking for other items too... there should be a thread for always available items. Other than junkyard and project runs. Though there is some legality of it being a "shop" I gather? I'm just bad at searching through forums.
From memory, these are like sub $20 bits, but yup, fully understand re "budget overruns" :D

Re parts list, yes, that would be great, but it would suffer for stale/dead links over time.

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