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Have been working on a 3D Print (I dont have a lathe) for an Aliens Tracker Tube. For all my searching it seems they have really dropped off the radar for some reason. There are some old threads but doesnt seem like they are popular any more? I'd love some info about how the circuit works. I have limited electronics experience and im assuming it was done pre-arduino easy enough to fit in the tube using the HP 5082-7433 display. It's not easy to google a circuit that counts down a 3 digit display with a steadily increasing beep that ends in a continuous tone! If I manage to source one of the displays, id like to make a woking one like ive seen. Does someone have that diagram tucked away? I'll post the model when finished if anyone wants it. There are a lot around probably but I spent a long time getting the knurl at the end to match the look of the photo when its printed and added a screw end etc, so its not too bad. Maybe inspire someone to make one?


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Looks fantastic! Although I don't have any electronics experience, I would love to get a copy of your model when you finish it. It's the best I've seen, and I would love to make one! Thanks for the offer!

Can anyone confirm if these photos are correct to the original? Specifically the top. The photo on the cutting board has a small gear on the top and some holes and a ring around the inside. This looks like a gas connector ring? Was this the original tube part? Or is this just a home made variation for more detail? I cant find this photo anywhere on reverse search. I'd rather add it now than re-do it later! Ive messaged the original thread user.


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I'm 99% sure the one on the left is a replica and not anything production related. I would not use it for reference.

I don't have many in my archive but here they are -

Does not help with the top details unfortunately.
Having spoken to anyone I could find that has a working one (youtube etc), it seems that SDCREATIONS made them all. I cant find any current info. So for now have gone with a static display option. I made a fake display image and printed as a photo to put on a back screen plate. If you squint your eyes and look in the other direction it looks alright! Attached are the files if anyone wants it. STL's, display image and a png for the RANGE METERS text to cut on a Cricut machine if you have one. I haven't had the time to cast or shape a lens so I used a coincidentally 30mm round clear door hanger to cut the lens from. It works! Hope someone wants one to go with your Marine kit! (adjusted screen size since the picture below of raw print.) I used a Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro with Cura on fine settings and the knurl prints perfectly. Cheers!


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