Aliens APC M-577


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Hi All

I'm new to the site and after a dreadful 2021 I thought I'd start 2022 on a positive.

I have for a few years wanted to build a 1/6th scale APC, fully radio controlled with moving turrets etc, but I'm looking for a copy of the original production blueprints. I have seen these pop up occasionally online but haven't seen any for a while.

The plan is to create a full scale 3D model with the correct dimensions and scale it down to 1/6th, then build the replica model prop from there.

Are there any members that would be able to point me in the right direction to where a set of plans might be available?

Kind regards

You could try asking over at Aliens Legacy. Graham Langridge's blueprint / info sheet on the APC is very detailed and he's a member over there (SpaceJockey).

I'm currently building my own 1:16th scale with a full interior and I'm almost done. Feel free to ask me anything if you get stuck and.. good luck with the build!
Hi All

Just thought I'd post a few images of my progress, in-between everything else I'm doing ATM lol.

So after acquiring some decent accurate plans to work from I've started modelling the body and cannons etc, there still a way to go but its certainly taking shape.

Hoping to have some more completed over the weekend Body View 1.JPGBody View 2.JPG

Kind regards


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