Ultimate Hasbro Hero M. Falcon conversion parts list for your build.


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Hello, I recently acquired an Hasbro Hero M. Falcon toy and am now hoping you all might point me in the direction of the BEST manufacturers of accurate conversion pieces I will need to make this monster into a nice 48th scale replica???? I have found many. Sadly, they only focus on certain areas of the fuselage and neglect other large areas. Then another producer has hundreds of resin cast pieces that may address some of these areas but not all. Shapeways seems to be my best bet, but I was hoping some of you soldiers out there may be willing to help me to find the best of the best casters, and offer suggestions for some obscure parts that shouldn't be overlooked. Please,,,,,, everyone add your take on my dilemma. Thanks ahead of time, Jim

They used to have all the sidewalls, cockpit, figures, dish, gun ports, etc... but I don't see those parts listed anymore. If you message them they might be able to provide a full list of all available Hasbro parts.
I did purchase their pit wells to use for my SMT resin Falcon and they are great. So far I'm guessing I will have to get acquire parts individually and splurge on some parts collections like Randy Cooper offers. Still if any of you know of someone offering that part that no else seems to offer and I can't get easily please chime in. Thanks
Check the build thread made by SirCharles77 ... eventhough his 3D parts are not resin printed, after some sanding and painting still quite effective ... I did get my engine grills from falcon3Dparts ... mind you aftermarket upgrade parts are not cheap. Also don't forget to use a plastic adhesion promoter before adding paint or glue extra greeblies ;)


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