ALIEN Crew Jacket Project


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I have a PVC rain slicker I'm customizing into an in-universe ALIEN item. I'm having a Nostromo patch sewn on the front left breast and I want to print "NOSTROMO" in the Pump font and apply them across the back shoulders, similar to the jackets seen onscreen that the crew wear. I've attached photos of how I want it to look.

Screen-printing shops tells me it would be cost-prohibitive for a single item. Iron-on transfers printed from the computer are out due to the heat factor.

Anybody have any ideas or done this before?

ALIEN is my favorite movie and it would be a kick to pull this off!

Thanks, guys.
So I had the stencil cut for "Nostromo" and I'm planning on putting the Company's 'Egyptian wing' logo on each cuff.

Had no luck finding fabric paint in the colors I want, so I'm considering the spray paint sold for polystyrene model kits.

I'm sure if I got this paint on it by accident, it would NEVER come out, but purposefully, it probably wouldn't work.

However, if it does chip, peel, etc. (anything other than eat the PVC material), could always weather the rest of the garment and Nostromo patch to match.

Anybody have a clue how model spray paint might affect a polyvinylchoride slicker?
Finished this project up by using model paints since fabric paints are typically, in this area, bright colors. It did not eat the PVC fabric.

I bought a laser-cut stencil for the "Nostromo" name painted across the back and made home-made stencils of the W-Y wings, painted the blue-green color, for the cuffs. Now just need to age the Nostromo crew patch on front and I'm done.
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