Agent 47: Hitman Halloween 2009 Costume.


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Inspired by another thread:

I wanted to share my last costume build as a (portly) Agent 47 from the Hitman game series. The movie was popular in Korea around 2009, and I had the suit, so why not?

In front of the bar having the costume contest:

Realistic toy guns are EVERYWHERE in Korea. I made the silencers from rolled paper around a pencil covered with electrical tape then simply jammed down the barrel until secure.

The suit is a custom-fitted silk/wool blend from my tailor in Thailand, shirt is the same in white Egyptian cotton, and the gloves are from Wilson's leather in the "States.

Instead of the barcode, the pub's stamp stands in for the head tattoo:

Sexy witnesses:

I know I'm not the physique most suited to portray Agent 47, but so fricking what? lol
Please let me know what you think. I know this is also not so much a homemade build like you guys and your pep, but it's what I can do with the resources available to me.
Ya looks good. I think you need to get into some more action oriented shots. Dramatic lighting, that sort of thing. You don't have to spend thousands or spend a thousand hours to have a good costume.
Thanks! I still have this suit, and a grey pin-stripe I can use as well. According to the movie Hitmen come in all colors of suit(and skin)! lol

I've been thinking of having a bone/Ivory or arctic white suit made for a Kingpin costume. High quality suits like this are not expensive in Thailand.

Both my black and grey suits + shirts were less than $300
Included for that price;
2 suit pants silk/wool blend
2 jackets silk/wool blend
1 poly Blazer(soft as silk though)
5 Egyptian cotton shirts
All tailored/measured/custom sewn, and it took less than a week.
Really? I never knew that. Of Course, I am not a man that wears a suit. Well maybe a nice hauberk from time to time. I think you could pull it off, cigar, cane. Then again you're nowhere near kingpin size. anorexic kingpin. I bet you are a giant over there though.
Lol. Anorexic... That's a term I never thought would be used in relation to me, ever!

Yeah, I'm 5'11"-ish(almost 6) or 177 cm
I now weigh about 320-ish or 140-ish kg.

There are some big Koreans. Some of the men in my gym are H-U-G-E! Generally, though, I am a giant here.

in 2001 I was 225 kg. almost 500 lbs.
My next costume is a Korean folk hero/historical figure Admiral Yi Sun Shin, who was basically Asia's own Admiral Nelson.
I like it :D this year for halloween, that's what I'll wear :D It's easy, yet awesome :) only need to find a pair of nice gloves and guns :p
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