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  1. twnhstnut

    Mahoning Drive-In props

    This pat year I was introduced to the Mahoning Drive-In theater in Lehighton PA. It is the only drive in left that exclusively shows 35mm films (although they do have digital capacity for VHS and non film movies). It has the second largest drive in screen in the US. A big part of this...
  2. burtsfilms

    Evil Dead Necronomicon DIY Tutorial

    I made a Evil Dead Inspired Necronomicon out of Cardstock, Paper, Hot Glue and acrylic Paint. You can watch how i made the Book of the Dead on my Youtube Channel:
  3. A

    Help with skinny jeans for tall guy (Jack Skellington Costume)

    Hi! I'm trying to put a Jack Skellington costume together in like a week, honestly I'm probably going to get the costume for Spirit, but it doesn't come with pants, and I'm tall, 6'8" I already have to order work pants and stuff online, once every like 2 years. But obviously skinny fit pants...
  4. M

    Halloween: Go For Launch

    Halloween: Go-For-Launch Our Halloween displays are themed either as history, Hollywood or art. This one is history. It started with a picture inside of Kennedy's new Launch Control Center (LCC) during an early Apollo launch. We morphed the timeline to cover 1966 and the Gemini 12 launch...
  5. Orion101

    Halloween 5 GROUND-UP SCULPT Michael Myers Sculpture Timelapse Documentary

    HELLO EVERYONE!!! I have loved this community for so long and now I am so excited to finally be sharing something of my OWN! This is my very first post here concerning a PERSONAL PROJECT of mine that has finally come into fruition :D This is a DOCUMENTARY SERIES featuring a Timelapse of me...
  6. DarthXeladier

    Young Frankenstein - Brain Depository Cases

    Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies to watch this time of year and I’d like to make a few of the brain displays as Halloween decorations. Making the bases is easy enough, but I need to know what size the glass container is before I can know the rough dimensions for the base and...
  7. TerranCmdr

    Pretty Accurate Toddler-Size TFA X-Wing Pilot

    Well it's that time of year again (Halloween) and since I'm not making a big costume for myself, I decided I wanted to make something cool for my son. It started out, as all of these do, to make a 'simplified' version, but I get carried away. Plus, I already have all the plans to make the pieces...
  8. CemeteryHaunts

    Judith Myers and Voorhees Tombstones

    Hello everyone! Today is my first post! A little about me...I'm an artist like most of you and I do this full time. I started building custom Tombstones about 10 years ago because I was just so fed up with retail stones for Halloween. I made them for myself and about 8 years ago I started...
  9. MymlanOhlin

    Prop maker introduction

    Hello all! I'm an amateur prop master in training, specializing in graphic recreations of printed props. My content is quite all over the place, with some of my more notable projects being Nuka Cola custom bottles from video game franchise Fallout, sculpted Skeleton Bottles (2nd place winner...
  10. trymypatience

    Harry Potter nearly full size Aragog build log

    Hello all. This year Me and the missus threw a Harry Potter themed Halloween party. As we love to make ridiculous things for these parties, I decided to have a go at building a nearly full size version of Aragog, using whatever materials I could get my hands on. Enjoy part one of the build log...
  11. arkhipenko

    Predator costume with active head tracking by the plasma gun

    Just wanted to share with like-minded (or rather like-obsessed) people my latest creation: a Predator costume with active head movement tracking by the shoulder-mounted "plasma" gun. The costume also has 2 sound systems for separate beast and equipment sounds. Check it out! I can provide limited...
  12. proteus

    Ghost Rider build

    Hi everyone! Long time stalker, first time poster. I wanted to share my Ghost Rider build from this past year. It's going through some maintenance and upgrades for my local comic con later this year, but here's how it existed on/around Halloween. Total time to build was about 4 months, mostly...
  13. darylvanhorne

    Harry Potter Death Eater costumes for Halloween

    Hi all, both me & my wife have been working like mad to complete our costumes in time for Halloween. We're going as fellow Death Eater's Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy. For the clothing it's been pretty challenging and we've used a combination of leather work and sewing to build Lucius's...
  14. Postapocalympic

    Spirit Halloween Fallout 4 Thirst Zapper!

    I stumbled across this gem as I was doing some pre costume scouting for my kids. Only $20 and it makes sound. I gave it a quick wash with some black and some silver edge wear. Nothing too involved, didnt even sand it. Just a little dirter, and make some of the details stand out a bit more.
  15. BigCoffinProps

    Evil Pumpkin Mask

    I have a friend who drives a tractor for the hayrides at a local farm. He asked me to make a mask for him to wear during the Halloween season. I looked around online and found a pumpkin mask that someone made out of a REAL pumpkin. It was carved into the shape of a skull and looked pretty cool...
  16. indiefilmgeek

    GotG2 Baby Groot - for my 7yr daughter - con pics!!!

    In running through Halloween costume ideas for this year (2017), my 7yr old daughter landed on Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. I started off, by taking a picture of her and overlaying it with a sketch of Baby Groot (below). This then will turn into my general design plan...
  17. S

    Scopey's Buzz Lightyear Build (NOW COMPLETE)

    Hi all, First time poster here, but long time admirer. My college background is design so I really love designing and building (and all the figuring out that goes on in between!). My friends and I have something of a Halloween tradition, dating back to when we were in college together. These...
  18. crawjaw

    Disintegrating man

    Applied skin sculpt silicone directly to my face and bald cap to scare the kids last Halloween. Quite amazing how easy it was to achieve this effect taking little more than an hour to apply and paint.
  19. T

    Silicone Mask Help

    Hello RPF. I'm 16 (I know my profile says I'm like 30 or something but I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to post or anything if I said I was 13 when I made this account) and I love the Nightmare on Elm Street series. So I really want to make a realistic Freddy Krueger cosplay thing...
  20. M

    Mighty Max/Mad Max Mash-up

    I tend to not like to do normal costumes (I think I just enjoy people looking at me going.."So.. what are you supposed to be..") so I did this mash-up. I made a sign thinking it would help. It did not.
  21. Wearenotlinear

    Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad for my daughter (and the Joker but not from SQ)

    After a long hiatus, I'm back. Halloween's around the corner and we just watched Suicide Squad. My daughter loved it and wants to be HQ for halloween, and I'll be the Joker (Not the one from Suicide Squad). She's been calling me "Mista J" ever since. Anyhow, here it is so far: I bought a black...
  22. joeranger

    Oct 26th - My costumes "take on the Cubs, in Chicago" :(

    Hey everybody. My costumes will be the backdrop and conversation topic for a new food show airing on a new streaming channel. http://www.womensbroadcasttv.com/ I am not really familiar with the new "streaming tv"...I guess it means i'm not on "real tv" ;) It is the "KTO Food Carnival - Spooky...
  23. B

    SCOOBY DOO 2 Shaggy Costume Details?

    For Halloween this year I want to put together Mathew Lillard's Shaggy costume from 2004's Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. I know it's not that great of a movie in general, but it holds some nostalgia with me. As for the costume itself, It's pretty simple to put together, but I'm having...
  24. cwstandards

    Hasbro Lightsaber Refinish

    Hi Everyone, I just completed a quick refinish to a Hasbro Anakin Skywallker (ROTS) lightsaber. It's part of Hasbro's bladebuilders lightsaber collection. I picked it up at Walmart for about $13 CAD. I got it for a Halloween costume as my partner and I are going as Captain Rex and Anakin...
  25. cwstandards

    Clone Trooper Foam Build

    Hey Ladies and Gents, I started a build for a female version of Captain Rex from Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. After reading so many posts on RPF I figured why not start my own thread of the build I've been working on/off for the past few months. As a brief synopsis of what I have...

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