Advice Needed - Pool Friendly "Jaws" Props

Dave Ward

Sr Member
So, we're planning to show Jaws in the pool later this month. We have a projector and a PA, but of course, I want to throw some props into the mix too. I want a yellow barrel, and the flasher.

My concerns are - a)is it safe to put one of those old flashers in the pool? I don't want battery acid leaking out over the place, and b)what would be a good, safe yellow paint to use to set up a barrel or keg?

There's no way the acid from a single battery in a flashing light is going to disturb the pH of however many THOUSANDS of gallons you have in a pool. Dilution is the solution, so I wouldn't worry about it.

You could get some of those styrofoam floaters and cut a shark shaped bite out of it. Kind of tacky, but amusing.
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