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So, for the past 3 weeks, I have been working on a Costume from the video game Resistance 2. Sor far I have part of the head sculpt done for the latex mask. so far here is what I have.





I know that a lot is off about it :confused, but I'm still fixing it (the front is going to get re-done tonight and tomorrow) and its also my first time sulpting. But for my experience level, I think its not to bad.

But I have a few questions. The first being how I should do the eyes? They are going to light up yellow and I'm planning on looking through the "nose". But what should I use for the eyes? I can't really do the detail on the eye till I have the part the LED will sit in. I was thinking of using the clear plastic bulb things that you get at grocery stores out of the quarter machines (usually filled with toys) but the bigger ones are too big. The smaller ones might work, but if somebody had a better idea I would like to hear it! Thanks for your help guys!
Good start. Just keep at it. I know how the first phases of sculpting can be, can get frustrating (to me at least).

I've played through both resistance games and love them. I cannot recall this specific chimera though, but you could always use different half-spheres for the eyes. I'd try to find domes that are completely smooth, than using those toy ones you get from the vending machine things.
Yeah, after sculpting and it not ending up how I wanted it to be I kinda just took a "generic" chimera with aspects I thought looked cool that just kinda took shape once I started sculpting. When I started I kinda just went with something that resembled a chimera and whomever played the game would recognize it as a chimera.

When I make the armor, its going to be the advanced hybrid's armor and thats going to (hopefully) be spot on so it will look more like a chimera.

And with the eyes, I just don't know what would be good to use. The toy holder things were just an initial "this could ge useful" type deal. I was thinking of vacuforming eyes, like they do with the Halo armor visors.
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