"Accurizing" the Denix


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One thing that always bugged me with the Denix Mausers is the strange hammer design. The C96, Bolo and Schnellfeuer guns all had slightly different hammers, but nothing that looks like the one Denix put on their replica...

Anyway - that stupid angled hammer is a dead give-away of a Denix build-up, so I figured it must be possible to alter it towards something more acccurate. I took my Dremel to my Han ANH and ground away... I kinda like the result:

Unaltered Denix on the left, modded hammer in the middle, real hammer (one of the six versions) in the far right, small pic...

The only downside to this is that the reshaping also makes the hammer sit lower - it should reach above the bolt end - but I believe the new look outweighs that particular issue.

An easy way to give the Solo blaster a nicer profile IMO. :)

MR ANH hero owners, man your Dremels... :lol