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I am opening for commissions again, I specialize in 3d design and production for entertainment props, as well as original designs and prototypes. I have a ton of experience in designing for 3d print production (as well as cnc, laser, fabric patterning, pepakura, and other mediums) and also can incorporate moving parts, electronics,and fasteners to make final pieces as friendly to work with as possible. When designing helmets and wearable armors, I also create custom digital mannequins from the wearer's measurements to take a lot of the guesswork out of sizing. I have done this type of work for several years, and have a lot of experience working from a prop concept all the way through to a finished piece. If you're looking to commission a project and think I might be able to help, feel free to post or send me a message if you think I may be able to help. :thumbsup

Here are a few samples of previous and current work:

Progress on the "apparatus" from Netflix's DARK

Krull Glaive, engraved runes, removable blades and gem inserts


...some Star Wars...
BB8 for Rgriesbeck run here

Sith Acolyte armor and robes, helm by Mynocks den

F11-D for JJ Griffith run here

..TONS of Destiny stuff...

Black Spindle with Electronics

Hung Jury finished by Gerry Alden

Alpha Lupi chest piece

Nemesis Star (finished by Gerry Alden)

So anyways, you get the idea. Feel free to message me with your project and I'll let you know if I can help. :thumbsup

Kitty Butler

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Just wanted to plug laellee's work. Commissioned 3D models for parts I needed for a Liz Sherman (Hellboy) costume. This was a few years ago and I only just now finished the costume lol, but the pieces I had 3D printed were amazing! I recommend him all the way!



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Thanks Kitty!

PM's replied to, I do also sell 3d printable armor files (such as my Sith Acolyte/Jedi armor) and other stuff, feel free to message me if you are looking for something.



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Can’t recommend Lael enough! He did an amazing job modeling a Star Wars item for me, and had the files to me super fast. Communication was excellent as well. Looking forward to my next commission with him.

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