A small batch of weathered and installed «Creepy Uncle» Luke's TLJ sabers


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Hello there.
I want to sale a small batch of «Creepy Uncle» weathered and installed sabers.

- Luke Skywalker's «Creepy Uncle» gen.3 (the latest batch) hilt made by me - 220$
- Weathering by Siberian Pine : every single detail was has been carefully crafted with abrasives then chemical blackening and hand treatment again to get the one and only true screen accurate view - 200$
- Goth-3D SLA (black) or FDM (white) chassis parts with additional caps on magnets and my own design banana connector for emitter assembly - 40$
- Proffieboard v.2.2 + Sandisk 16Gb Ultra A1 Class 10 flash drive - 90$
- SCW battery/speaker PCB set- 13$
- SCW NPXL shortpin connector with LEDs - 10$
- SCW NPXL longpin connector with LEDs - 12$
- SCW blade side PCB - 4$
- Lens cover - 2$
- Keeppower 18650 10A 3500mAh removable li-ion battery - 15$
- 128X32 OLED LCD - 6$
- 28mm 4 Ohm 3W bass speaker - 7$
- Feasycom BT909 bluetooth module - 15$
- Wires, tactile switches, accent LEDs, magnets, battery contacts, heat shrink etc - 10$
- Installation service: includes all assembled parts and components and flashed board - 300$
- Worldwide EMS shipping - 30$

TOTAL - 970$ plus PayPal commission

- The best available "The Last Jedi" Luke's saber on market;
- We made six installed sabers for sale this time. They are all the same about the quality and components;
- Proffieboard flashed with my own tested firmware (the latest version of ProffieOS), includes one sound profile included ("Grumpy Uncle" by Kyberphonic) and adopted for your blade length. I can also add and flash as much sound profiles and blade styles as you want if you'll send me download links;
- No kill key at ECO chassis configuration. But you need to unscrew the battery section a bit to power off the board;
- I counted the minimal retail prices for all the components in the list;
- I'll send you your own config file so you can adjust and flash it yourself in the future;
- I'll send you the link with demo action of your exact saber before shipping;
- You'll get additional control box PCB cover and nice belt hook for saber hanging;
- The saber can be controlled with The ForceSync app (via bluetooth);
- No blade and battery charger included;

Photos: 02 2022 weathered ECO - Google Drive

MTFBWY, sincerely, Denis Lukyanov.

hilts_01.jpg hilts_02.jpg hilts_03.jpg chassis_01.jpg chassis_02.jpg with_chassis_02.jpg with_chassis_01.jpg hilt_01.jpg inside.jpg

hilt_03.jpg details_01.jpg details_02.jpg details_05.jpg details_04.jpg details_03.jpg hilt_02.jpg
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