A L I E N : The "Dallas" Pistol


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Here's my "Dallas" version of the nostromo pistol from A L I E N.

It's based on the rexim-favor of course, and it has the same upper and lower single point scope, but it differs from the "Kane" version in several areas.

First, the top scope has different rings. These make the scope sit higher of the receiver. The stepped barrel nozzle is much wider. There's no bronze overspray or stenciled lettering on the dust cover (probably because the script never called for Tom Skerrit's character to remove it from the holster unlike John Hurt does in the Director's Cut), and it still has it's charging handle. The dust cover is also open, revealing the internal spring and ejection port. The pistol grips (castings taken from molds of actual grips) are separate, and attached via screws.



I actually need to reverse the single point rings because I've got the screws on the wrong side, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with it.

Thanks for looking!

That is a great looking Rexim, did you make it?

Oh duh I should have looked at the name! Shawn your SE-14Rs are great and so are these.
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Shawn knocked it outta the park! Did you ever get pics of the other Rexim you had mentioned?

Panzer: Yes he made it.
Thats really nice Shawn.
I saw a fuzzy pic of someone holding some sort of pistol in Prometheus the other day, they really have to step up to improve on that design.
I just saw Alien again the other day and Dallas said 'break out the weapons' or something, and I thought "what weapons"? Oh, this weapon!

I guess they were edited out or something, but they forgot the line he spoke.

Is this your "master", that you used for molding or did you do another mold with dustcover flipped up?

You need to do a side-by-side comparison, one of your 'normal' Rexim's next to the Dallas one.
Personally I think you're more anal than Steve is, and that's saying a lot! :lol
Thats a lovely looking peice :thumbsup I've never seen any reference to these, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.
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