9th Sonic With Off Switch for Sound FX?

Paracord Junky

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is there one? i like my toy version, but there's no way to just shine the light without the SFX. also not crazy about the pen nib, which i've had pop off a few times when i'm playing with my screwdriver. point is: i'm thinking a metal replica would be nicer, feel more authentic, and i wouldn't have to worry about the end popping off either. anyway, if there's not a version with an SFX off-switch, that'd be a nice feature for someone to work on(winkwinknudgenudge know what i mean?)


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Well, there was the MFX sonic which was a limited run of 500 and can be found on the market now and again - this replica was metal and only had an LED as per the original prop. Not entirely accurate if you were looking for one though. The CT sonic screwdrivers which are accurate in many ways - and for their purposes, feature light and sound which cannot be disabled by switch.