800mm 3d printed Sulaco


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Very cool project!
It’s interesting how the pictures of just the under frame remind me of a space rifle of some kind.

Add a couple of different details and you got a two for one kit


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Been busy sanding for a few days, and started proper assembly with glue this evening.
Made changes to 2 parts and re-printing them at the moment, so design-wise i think its done!
Hoping to have it assembled/puttied/primed/etc by the weekend so i can start adding little styrene details for panels, piping etc etc.


Very cool project!
It’s interesting how the pictures of just the under frame remind me of a space rifle of some kind.

Yeah, at first glance the shape reminded me of the Sleeper Simulant from Destiny.

Excellent build, man! It looks amazing.


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Fully built!
I decided to go light on the extra styrene details, just a few panels, strips here and there, plus a bunch of small greeblies from my model leftovers box. I also found a photo etch set from a sherman tank that i no longer have so have put various pieces of that here and there, to add detail, break up flat areas etc. Hard to see in these pics given the size of the ship.
But i decided i wanted to keep it close to plain 3d printed. Is it 100% super screen accurate? Hell no. But does it look like what its meant to be? Yep, good enough for me.
Now she's ready for paint!





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Gave her a flat black base coat this evening.
That highlighted a few spots where i hadnt sanded it smooth properly, which you can see here mainly on the side panel of the engine section. So once the paint is dry i'll sand that bit, and smooth it out with some thin putty. A few little scratches here and there that need the same attention, but not a lot.



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Fixed up the scratches and bad spots the primer showed up. Little bit of putty, little bit of extra sanding to clean it up.


Re-primed it, then gave it the first overall coat of grey. The camera flash lightens it a bit.



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Started to do some shading. Toned down the black in the panel lines a bit, then added some shading to the panels. The studio model was very splotchy, and kind of blue/grey, but i'm going for more of a military grey tone. still have some variations, shading, and weathering to do, bu she's getting there. I did the "Sulaco" text a little too big i think, but close enough. Will have to paint the "USS" by hand.

Its also hard to get the colours right in a photo in my hobby room under lights. I'll do some good ones when i'm happy with it.




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This is the studio model, one of the original builders has it at his house.
Its a bit more blue-grey, but you can see how much shading it has, so i still have a bit to do.






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As you can see on the original, lots of shading was done with an airbrush, tape...or to go faster: a piece of straight plastic and spray!!;)


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How hard can it be to paint "U.S.S."????? Except of course when its only about 5mm tall! Far out.

Gonna have to order some decal transfer film for printing I think, do it that way.
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