800mm 3d printed Sulaco


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So like a lot of us, i drift from one project to another, and back again.
Spend too long on one and get bored so do another for a while.

After spending ages on my 1m long Omega class Destroyer (1m long Omega Class Destroyer from Babylon 5), i needed to do something different, so after finishing off a 1/35 military kit, i switched to another spaceship.
Have finally finished designing my Sulaco for 3d printing. She's set to be about 800mm long, which will actually fit on my bookshelf.
The antenna etc on the front are about 150mm of that 800mm, so she actually seems quite small. It would scale up (or down) though, just have to use bigger screws.
I started printing it last night, and will be a couple of weeks until all the parts are made, havent done a count yet but guessing about 150-200.

Am still adding detail to 2 last parts, the front face where the antenna mount (adding piping, ducts, panels etc), and same on the rear engine panel.
Theres still a lot of scope for adding detail with styrene, and she'll have a 12mm aluminium tube running down the centre for strength and rigidity.
I've made the dropship bay underneath open so i can light it, and am working on a little drop ship to put in it, but thats only going to be about 30mm long so wont be heavily detailed.

Thoughts, comments, etc?

This is the model:


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The drawing looks good to me. Is all the panelling going to be styrene? The "hood" in front might have some difficult curves.



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Got a heap printed on the weekend, and have most of the structure built.
I've designed it so all the internal frame gets screwed together, and then attach the detail panels afterwards. I'm a little unhappy with the frame in the front section, didnt go together as easy as i'd like. I've already re-designed that part so will re-print it.
Theres also a few parts that once printed i could see things that could be changed, so have a few bits to tweak. But made good progress!




Underneath the front end (front on the left)

Top rear

Bottom rear

Detail panels


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That' s a great size for display. big enough for some good details, but not too massive for a shelf.
I'm always struck by how much the Sulaco resembles a Pulse Rifle.


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Looking really good. What are you using for the dimensional references?

I found a couple of images that are kind of like blueprints, that show it from different angles.

That' s a great size for display. big enough for some good details, but not too massive for a shelf.
I'm always struck by how much the Sulaco resembles a Pulse Rifle.

Yeah i specifically sized it at 800mm so it fits on my bookshelf. My Omega at a little over 1m has to sit on top, just a bit too long.

Also... Are you going to offer this as a kit?

Yup, once i've finished printing, and have made all the changes i want. I've been recording print times and amounts of plastic used so i can tell how long it will take and how much it will cost. I'll also sell the printable files if theres interest.


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I have about 95% of it printed, theres more printed than in this pic, but they're detail parts, panels etc that if i taped on it'd be nothing but a mass of yellow tape. It doesnt have the details on the top, nor on the side pontoon/gun things so they look a bit dull for now, but they're printed and ready to be glued on after some sanding.
Printing more of the front antenna atm, then the only real parts left are the top and bottom guns, and the rear engine panel.


Have a box full of superseded parts from different internal frames, and detail parts where i missed something, or forgot to add a screw tab to or something!


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I've finished printing! (except for 1 reprint for a piece i broke)
Most of the week has been tweaking and reprinting parts that had fit issues, or missing bits, or to make changes like adding holes for mounting on the base etc etc. And i think i'm happy with it. Theres a few places that need extra detail, but that will be added with styrene as they're things like piping, or small greebly detail.

At the moment its all screwed together, tape in some places, or tiny drops of glue to test the fit. And i think its all good!
Next is disassembly, sand/putty/prime/sand/putty/prime.... you all know the drill!

(apology for the pic quality, quick phone snaps)



Engines, these will be getting lots of styrene rod/tube/strips to add plumbing.

Underneath (i havent attached the other pylon thing)

Front end. Still has some styrene antenna to add, also some piping/greebly detail on the flat areas. Also needs some cleanup on the antenna still, they're straight off the printer and just on for test fitting.

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