5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH


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Thanks everyone!! It was truly an amazing honor and privilege to get to share this model with THE original Filmmakers, VFX and model builders!!

Just overwhelming and a real 'Cinderella' moment. 2 days of the show, with these amazing folks, and what an incredible experience to see the hundreds of Star Wars Fans giddy over seeing the amazingly beautiful Dykstraflex along with my replica. There is a LONG list of folks to thank for their help, support and friendship - for this event, Gene K (GKVfx), Rob McFarlane (Carson Dyle), and Andre Bustanoby (vfxsup64). For the model construction over the years, some of the great guys that helped me get to the finish line include Craig Underwood, Joshua Maruska, Stu Brown, Doug Maio, Andre B, Jason Eaton, Ryan Comer, Ed Minto, Mike Salzo, Mike Reis, Steve Neisen, Jay Boden, and many, many more.

Here's a few pics from the Amazing Event! These legendary folks were so kind to each take some time to talk to me one on one, and share some of their filming/model building experiences and memories. Just an amazing evening getting to hear just a smidge of what it was like back then!

John Dykstra


Harrison Ellenshaw

Dennis Muren

John Knoll

Andre, Gene and Rob

Bill George

Jon Erland

Dave Jones
Image from iOS (4).jpg

John Goodson


With (L-R)
Bruce Nicholson, Dennis Muren, Richard Edlund, Jon Erland, Harrison Ellenshaw, Marcia Lucas, Rose Duignan, John Dykstra

A dream come true!


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Magnificent display. You certainly got to rub elbows with ILM royalty. That's a nice payoff for all the work. Congrats!!!

(Q: The engine glow has a slight purple hue in these photos. Is that real world or color correction in the photos?)


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What an honour to meet such legends! Totally earned by your hard work, talent and skill.
Just thinking, it would be great to have “Tested”, Adam Savage’s web series do a piece.


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It really has been an honor to work with Sean. He’s an amazing force of nature and we’ve all learned so much along the way because of him. I hope I can make him as proud with my own build as he has us with his.

Great work, Sean!


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Hey THANKS again you guys, very kind comments all around!

(Q: The engine glow has a slight purple hue in these photos. Is that real world or color correction in the photos?)

So, on that topic, I originally had a single, bright LED light strip, and it was bright, but not very bright (and dimmable). So, right before the show, I picked up a longer RGB light strip, didn't test it, and discovered upon setup, the White threw a 'pinkish' hue - so it didn't look right of course. Now that it's back home, I have now retrofitted the engine bay again with a single long strip that I wrapped in 3 layers - ahhhh, this baby is bright, and dimmable too! So, no more pink hue, and for lesson learned, if you ever want true white LED, never use RGB!

Here it is dim to see the LED's, and with it up in full brightness. Will get updated pic once the milkplex and panels are back on.



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Fantastic! But dang, Dennis Muren has lost all of his hairs! I only remember him with that wallowing halo of white around his head, so that pic was kind of a shocker!

It does depress me a little, though, to see everybody aged, well aged, but still. Star Wars is starting to look and feel old, I guess, at least to myself.

Wait, is that a midlife-crisis showing it´s ugly head?! I think I need to pull out a blaster to blow it to smithereens...


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Well deserved, thank you for sharing this whole process and experience with us!

and thank you for remembering to take pictures a long the way...I always forget.


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Have to say, just finished reading through this magnificent thread again.

Well done Sean! She's a real beauty, and thank you so much for sharing the build journey!!!


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