5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH


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You guys are awesome, THANK YOU all for the nice feedback/comments!! I'm still working on the final base stand for it, but in the meantime, I was lucky enough recently to have Dr. Dan Durda come over and visit and we filmed his reaction, and kinda did a walkaround interview. Though the model is still not fully complete, it was a fun opportunity and hopefully you all will enjoy the improvised review!



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I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to get that early 'sneak peak' at it, having watched with awe your build thread here. Thanks for the amazing opportunity, Sean, and your generosity in sharing this AMAZING work of art!



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Well, after watching the video, I can honestly say that was the closest that I've ever gotten to feeling emotional when looking at a model other than the originals. Enough cannot be said about the perfection of this model Sean. Congratulations and keep sending us more pics. We can't get enough!


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I compared the blast markings on the five foot model that was set up in Beverly Hills with the original Dykstraflex camera on display at the "Galactic Innovations: Star Wars and Rogue One" special effects event held at the Academy of Motion Pictures this past weekend and they match really, really well. I'm wondering if that was your model? It was stunning and I was really hoping to get better pictures, but the security was too tight for me to bring my camera back in.


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Yep that was his! I've seen fb posts by people who were at the event who thought it was the ILM model. :)
I would have thought it was original if it wasn't for the placard that identified it as a reproduction. The crowd was just as interested in the model as they were with the star of the show, the Dykstraflex. Thursday's event it was static, but then on Saturday between Rogue One and the non-special edition Star Wars in 70mm, they had it running past the model.
Stills and 4k Video of Dykstraflex and Millennium Falcon

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