5 Foot Falcon Replica - ANH


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Spectacular! Funny how all the details pop even more for some reason when it’s all primed. Can’t wait to watch the paint job come along.

Beautifuller and beautifuller. :)



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As an aside, thought it'd be cool to show a size comparison of the Engine Section to the Studio Scale Galactica - Though the Galactica was a lot of work, this shows how much more significantly more mass there is to the Falcon.

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Now that's just showing off! :D Joking aside that's a great comparison shot, and not one many people can make! Really does show the size of the Falcon. No wonder ILM built a smaller one for the acrobatics required in Empire...


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Spectacular!!!. It Looks sharp and slick in black primer:). By the way thank you for 300+ breathtaking photos posted here.Keep them coming.


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This and the Rogue Studios photos are awesome for vicarious Falconing.


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You guys are Awesome! Thank you for the kind comments!!

Quick update - Got the ship flipped back around. Finished up most of the cockpit underside greeblies - waiting on another kit to finish that area up. In the meantime, got the first base coat of primer/paint down. There will be another layer of white to go over this one, this was just an initial light primer coat. I'll probably get the trench walls in soon as well. Also got started on plating of the starboard docking walls and had a bit of fun with the plating deformation (including the cockpit underside). It's pretty cool to see it all now in a single color. The middle jawbox and the turret platform are not yet glued down (I'll test the painting/weathering on them before bonding down.

Cockpit underside with final gray primer (minus a couple parts)
White1.jpg White2.jpg

White Primer down
White17.jpg White15.jpg
White13.jpg White11.jpg

Starting the damaged hull wall behind cockpit, and deformed plating.

White5.jpg White4.jpg

A few more with the detail areas
White18.jpg White23.jpg
White26.jpg White25.jpg
White23=4.jpg White19.jpg
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