3D Video Game Prop References & Replicas


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There are alot of 3d games with some cool props U have to build in the game.
One game I'm thinking of is
Last Year: The Nightmare

Is there anyone how knows were I can find 3d renders of the prop from this game, or someone can show an actual made prop U made for like cosplay or just to show off?

I was able to get a few screen shots of some peoples game play.
Anyone who knows any other games that show 3d props in the game play, please post them here. I'd love to see & make alot of them.

First of the day Flame Thrower 02.jpg
First of the day Flame Thrower 03.jpg
First of the day Flame Thrower.jpg
First of the day Pipe Bomb.jpg
First of the day Prosimity mine 02.jpg
First of the day Prosimity mine.jpg


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On art station the artist who designed the flamethrower has some higher resolution renders LINK

Looks like the game uses the unreal engine, if you own the game you can use Umodel Link to view the models, take some screenshots or export it to .obj or some other 3D printable format. Seems someone else had some sucess doing This.

You can look for more models on sites like The Models Resource and P3DM, usually in OBJ, or formats like DAE (rigged for animation) which can be processed by free software like blender.

If you get Source Filmmaker or SFM (free) from steam you can get models from its Workshop (downloaded when you open the program and found in your ~Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\workshop folder) or from SFMLAB (directly)

Noesis is your friend, it can open, view and export hundreds of model file formats used by a plethora of games (including SFM models, DAE and OBJ)

If you want to pull something from a Betheda game (skyrim, fallout 3, NV, 4, 76) Nifskope Link & Link will take the models and textures from the archive file without needing to extract it, though if you need other files in a bethesda archive the Bethesda Archive Extractor will help you get at them.

Regarding Alien Isolation, I took the model for the motion tracker from SFMLAB, scaled it appropriately before importing it into Solidworks and rebuilding all the geometry from scratch using the mesh as a guide to prepare it for 3D printing (which it is almost ready for)

Tracker Render.png

P.S. knurling is a pain
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Bioshock has several upgradeable weapons and some other items to create, most notable that many have made is the Little Sister Adam extractor syringe.


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I don't have the computer power to get these games & get screen captures of the via special software yet. But I can at least, watch game plays & get limited screen captures that way until I get a better PC.

Anyway, More


Pray (01).jpg Pray (02).jpg Pray (03).jpg Pray (05).jpg Pray (06).jpg Pray (07).jpg Pray (04).jpg Pray (08).jpg


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Funnily enough I only just picked up Prey, completed it last night. Fantastic Retro-Future designs for the environments but the CryEngine is a little harder to extract from than most of Bethesda's, but I'm making some progress.

Just need to get the textures and we're golden.

Meanwhile on Sevastapol Station, the Motion tracker is mostly done... Mostly.


Just need to print two more big parts,
Then buy some screws, switches and lights.

Then sand and smooth everything...

Then paint...

Then assembly...

I still don't know how I'm going to make it go beep...

On second thought its not mostly done, but either way, I'll post the STL files and a BOM once its finalised.


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Update: Had some success on the prey textures (which requires opening image files as text and copy-pasting)

Doesn't look exactly like the game (there's missing glossiness and illumination information) but good enough for prop making reference.



Also, somehow I never noticed this little warning sticker;



  • Neuromod (Provisional).zip
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  • PreyHelmet.zip
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Rather than create a new thread I figured I'd post this here.

Had some success opening the Alien Isolation model files, and after a great deal more time than was probable necessary mucking around with vertices in 3DSMax I managed to get it into a format I could open in Solidworks


It isn't really ready for 3D printing yet, but I've attached the model for anybody feeling adventurous.

The Security access tuner on the other hand, is constructed of such a fiendish combination of geometry that its given me a headache (Did you know that part on the lower left which transitions from round to square is also inclined? I wish I didn't).

On the other hand the model is so high resolution (and exported STL for printing inevitably butcher curved faces anyway) that I might wind up just using the existing mesh.



  • AlienIsolation MaintenanceJack.zip
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