24 CTU props /phones etc ?


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There have been ALOT of screen-used wardrobe put up on E-bay by VIP Auctions (who works with Fox). The most notable item was Jack's screen worn jacket from Season 1, which was won for over $6000 I think...the only prop that was ever auctioned was the briefcase used to transport the leathal virus from Season 3...

There hasn't been much 24 items lately though, mostly Buffy and NYPD Blue....


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Originally posted by Jack Bauer@Jan 11 2006, 12:25 PM
I'm not so sure the badges on that site are all that screen accurate as they say.

It's a replica of a made-for-production badge. I have, or rather had screencaps once upon a time of Season 1 badges that are exactly like that (George Mason and I forget the second). Jack's was never seen on screen but that's what the one he had in his wallet with shield looked like.

Give me a little while and I'll find a screen cap of the same style badge.

The vertical badge is legit, you see them a lot during Day 2 at the airfield.


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Tell me about it Ed.... I'm totally hooked on it myself....so is my missus.....LOL.

I've not seen anything aside from ID's/badges from the show.

Dave :)


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George Mason's wallet credentials, around 4:15am-

Some techie or janitor's clip-on who gets shot by Nina around 11:35pm-

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I got my ID badges, and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Multi-colour, printed on Styrene (or maybe ABS.) I can't tell you just how accurate they are or aren't, but from the limited time that they're on screen I'm not anal enough to complain. Highly recommended.

Now, how about an airsoft SIG-SAUR P228?



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Anyone know where to pick up a Treo display? I dont really want to own a Treo, but a Sprint display for display would be cool.


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if you got some money burning a hole in your pocket you can get one of these.

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G


have your cool little "brrp brrp dee boop" noise just like the show. course they'll run you anywhere from $500-$1000 for one.


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I looked for VIP auctions on Ebay and could not find them, does anyone have a link to them? Anyone know where to pick up some screen used props from 24?



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Early season 1 was a Nokia 7160/7190 if memory serves me correctly.

I believe someone used a MicroTech H.A.L.O. at one point. It would have been in the back of a limo, and was identified with dialogue. It was probably during season 2.
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