2019 Los Angeles/ So Cal RPF PROP PARTY May the 4th


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Payment sent...buuuut...unfortunately I will not be making it this year. :(
I'll be out of town that weekend. Crap! Missing the prop party and an airshow in the same weekend. Put the money to good use.
Have a great time everybody and take lots of pictures.


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View attachment 979249 Come and join us for the 2019 Los Angeles RPF Prop Party. It's a truly amazing day filled with props, costumes, models, pizza and beer.

Bring your props, costumes, models, or movie/TV related items you want to show off and hang out with people just like you. If you've never been to this event...you're living under a rock! COme and nerd out!

What is a prop party?
A prop party is a gathering for any and all amateur, hobbyist and professional prop/costume makers to get together and share their work or just talk to others that share their same passion for movies, props and costumes.

May 4th 10am-5pm

Frank Ippolito's Shop Frank Ippolito (this is a fully functioning prop shop) but there will be tables and tents for displaying your props and costumes.

2529 N Ontario St, Burbank, CA 91504

$25 per person (this will be for food, drinks and table space if needed) I NEED PAYMENT ASAP. IF YOU DON'T PAY, YOU DON'T GET ENTRY!!

Please send this as a "gift" to my paypal address ( jedifyfe@hotmail.com ) and please add your name and RPF name. (sorry but no refunds)


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Hey everyone. I am cutting the guest list off as of this Wednesday at midnight. Thank you to all who have paid.


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Its not starwars related but ive always wanted to go to one of these prop partys. Ill be bringing my voltron lion. Never know voltron could find the deathstar by acccident :p

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