1989 ertl at-at

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    Finished this up last night, iv'e rebuilt the cannons on this fella, the main cannons were too short and i purposefully shortened the left side upper cannon as seen on an ILM model that i think lives in the archives. It's just nine inches tall, not sure what scale that makes it. Reference shots are easy to find on the webb, Enjoy, thanks for looking.
    ATAT 1.jpg ATAT 2.jpg ATAT 3.jpg ATAT 4.jpg ATAT 5.jpg ATAT 6.jpg ATAT 7.jpg ATAT 8.jpg ATAT 9.jpg ATAT 10.jpg ATAT 11.jpg ATAT12.jpg ATAT 13.jpg ATAT 14.jpg ATAT 15.jpg
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    Looks great ... I love threads with AT-AT's ... any AT-AT's :)

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