1408 Dolphin Hotel Paper Props Thread!


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Has anyone tried making a replica of the evacuation map that features prominently throughout the film on the back of the hotel room door?

Found the image on past auctions in the iCollector website.

1408 map 2.jpg

Thought I'd inquire if anyone has tried doing a replica of it. Tried doing a quick photoshop to the image, but got nowhere, and don't have illustrator installed, so thought I'd check if someone has a good replica of it here, before re-installing illustrator.
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Here's the map 100% redrawn with correct font (the size with the frame is 280 x 203 mm or 11 x 8 inch - per the iCollector wesite):

The font is called ITC Quorum Standard Medium.

Let me know if I missed something and have fun!

Woah dude! Coming in clutch!. Looks absolutely amazing, and thank you so much for doing this. Fantastic! Hugely grateful for your contribution and hard work!
More props:
Dolphin Hotel Entrance Plaque.png Dolphin Hotel Card.png Dolphin Hotel Menu.png Dolphin Hotel No Escape.png Dolphin Hotel Plaque.png

The entrance plaque's dimension is 295 x 355mm, the key card is 90 x 58,5 mm, the menu is A5 or 210 x 148 mm, while the front plaque is just a guesstimation at 500 x 400 mm. The no escape plan has the same dimensions as the evacuation plan.

Update 29.01.2024
The big plaque was reuploaded as the correct dimension is 546 x 445 mm.
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Fantastic stuff!! I better change the thread title to 1408 Paper Props.

These are absolutely awesome! Absolutely kickass man for doing these!

Edit: Did you find the menu as a screen used prop somewhere? In the film he says the beer nuts are $8 so wondering if the menu in fact said the 7 hahah

Oooo found it on worthpoint... 1408 SCREEN USED PROPS - MENU & 1408 DOOR MAP FRAMED! | #33405324 and better pics on the YourProps site.

Menu indeed said $7 for the beer nuts hahhaah.

Screenplay says $8 for the Corn-nuts, but Cusack says $8 for the Beer Nuts. Interesting fun fact he goofed the scene hahah

Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 14.05.49.jpg
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Anyone know where one could find pics of the screen used bottle for the label? Which funnily enough translates to "The fifty-seventh dead", when 56 have died in the room before.

Edit: Found a screen used bottle on the Yourprops site, but signed.


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Have been experimenting around with some HD screen caps of the paintings to see how good one could get them. If there were some good photos of the screen used paintings, would be so much easier... so if anyone knows their whereabouts? ....
Thanks for the much too kind words!

I managed to take some screen shots from the movie and noticed some elements that needs to be changed on the maps:

The doors are black and not gray and there's a dotted line, so I changed them accordingly on the evacuation map.
Dolphin Hotel Map.png

On the no escape map added the You are here, but also refined the room according to the screenshot:

Dolphin Hotel No Escape.png

I might scratch build a frame so that the evacuation map is on one side and the no escape is on the other side.
Dual sided / reversible frame! that's a fantastic idea!

I was thinking of framing an old first or second gen Ipad I have that's effectively a paperweight, and have Escape / No Escape slideshow play when on. Dual sided frame is an amazing concept for displaying it!

Words can't thank you enough for what you've contributed. Do you have a Ko-Fi link or anything to send a tip some day?
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