The Wicker Man (1973) - Paper Props Thread.


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With the 50th Anniversary new 4K release, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread for The Wicker Man paper props.

There's a lot of close ups of photos in the film, and even the The Green Man Inn pub sign. 1080p Screen caps are quite good, but wondering what the 4K ones would be like

By any chance... has anyone gotten the 4K release and would like to take some screen caps to share, to compare with the 1080p?

Much thanks in advance!


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This site, Props, helped me to find the book briefly seen in the library:
Image14.png Mysterious Britain PG 226-227.png

The pages were taken from archive org (Mysterious Britain : Bord, Janet, 1945- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive - you'll have to borrow the book to be able to browse it)

I managed to fully vectorize the drawing added to page 226 and also put the text Sergeant Howie was reading from the book (the full text was taken from the aforementioned wiki (note that the right page was recreated with accurate fonts):
Image14.png Mysterious Britain Book Engraving 2.png

This should print at around 303 x 436 when opened (the pages are slightly bigger than an A4).

And here's the framed map you can see outside of Ingrid's bath (this scene is part of Sergeant Howie's search through the village for Rowan Morrison, the missing girl):
Image42.png Græcia_-_Atlas_Maior,_vol_2,_map_34_-_Joan_Blaeu,_1667_-_BL_114.h(star).2.(34).jpg
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