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I was watching Tom Baker's SEEDS OF DOOM episode last night. At the end they were talking about the krynoids and the doctor mentioned he was president of the Intergalactic Floral Society. That made me laugh and decide to whip up this membership card. Why not.

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Here you go:
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The background is transparent.

Thanks again. I did a quick laser print on white paper. I had a thick magnetic sticker sheet left over from some old project. I put the logo on there and trimmed it with scissors. I slapped it on the door of my old, black, dirty "beater" truck. It worked out great. I've been watching some old Pertwee and Baker episodes with UNIT in them. The emblems on their vehicles weren't huge either. About the same size as what I came up with.


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You're welcome! That sticker does elevate the truck's overall look!
Thanks. I painted my old truck flat black a few years ago. It works well that I can "dress it up" however I want. A UNIT look or a Buckaroo Banzai look or a Robocop OCP look.


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I'm getting a lot of MILEAGE (pun intended) out of the clean, re-drawn UNIT logo that RafalFett did for me. I added some "flair" to my flat black old truck. Here in Indiana, we only use a rear vehicle license plate. That leaves the front spot for bits of Tom Foolery and goofiness. When I painted my old truck I took off all the Chevy logos and never put them back on. I took some machine screws and scrap wood and made some blank oval plates that I could put whatever logo I wanted on. I printed out a couple UNIT logos on a sticker sheet yesterday and did these items. I spent little to no money on all this. I found the old plastic license plate that I flipped over and used the back. I think having both the plate and the emblem on there at the same time is a bit of UNIT logo overkill. I didn't leave either on my truck anyway. It was just cool to try them out. Would be good for a photo op or something. Maybe when I get the UNIT logo printed on a shirt I'll put on my Tom Baker long scarf and take a picture again. It's something to do, I guess. These projects keep me off the streets and out of trouble.


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