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To whomever sees this post I am just asking to see if anyone knows where I can purchase a 1/8 scale Victorian lamp post. I am working with and 1/8 scale kit and I know that a 1/6 scale would dwarf it, Anyone's advice is welcome. The G scale train lamp light I bought a few years ago is just too out of scale and too small, which I didn't know at the time. The few posts that I did see were these LAMP POST #1and this listing LAMP POST #2, know both listings are too big and out of scale and there are no good dimensions on both said listings. But with a few mods I maybe be able to make these work but if anyone knows good way to work around these or listings that I haven't seen yet aside from having it commissioned would be appreciated.
Have you searched Shapeways? Or you can search yeggi.com for many free lamps posts that you can size to your needs.

I did research this specifically as well and although I do see a plethora of some things that I am looking for specifically this listing here but I am 3D printing noobie and really have very little to no idea how to get this off the ground so was looking for an alternative.
An alternative is a website that sells 1/8 scale "live steam" diorama accessories, but what you are looking for would be would be hard to find.

The lamp post of myminifactory can be downloaded. Look on some local by and sell websites to see if you can find people that 3d print stuff. The lamp post can easily be scaled to any size you want in their 3d programs. Perhaps even someone on this website would be willing to print you one, butvdealing local might give you better quality control and you can see sample prints so that you can determine if this is the direction you want to go.

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