model making

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  1. E

    The watchtower from Princess Mononoke

    I have always loved this film and especially this single wooden tower. There's a few places I dream of building one day, but I thought this one would be a nice place to begin. It's made at 28mm scale for table-top RPGs. I built it out of basswood, air-drying clay and white twine. I lost...
  2. winf

    1:8 Scale ‘MOON’ base replica!!

    I’m currently a Model Making student at the National Film and Television school just outside London. Over the last five and a half weeks we have been busy building a 1:8 scale replica of base set from the film MOON. This was our first team project which was lead by John Lee (who actually...
  3. TheCopperhead

    Talos from "Jason and the Argonauts"

    With Scotland sitting in another three week lockdown, I thought I'd keep myself busy with another project. With 2020 marking Ray Harryhausen's Centenary, I decided to pay tribute to an iconic stop motion character! Made with scrap wood and sculpted with Milliput epoxy putty in my garage...
  4. Nm1cciola

    1/8 Scale Lamp Post

    To whomever sees this post I am just asking to see if anyone knows where I can purchase a 1/8 scale Victorian lamp post. I am working with and 1/8 scale kit and I know that a 1/6 scale would dwarf it, Anyone's advice is welcome. The G scale train lamp light I bought a few years ago is just too...
  5. mrhodes

    Godzilla Ocean Diorama with smoke + lighting effects

    Hey Folks! Just wanted to share a build I just finished and am quite proud of. It's a custom Godzilla diorama, with built-in electronics. I 3D Printed Godzilla from an amazing file by Chaos Core Tech (available at Godzilla! No Supports!) on my SLA printer in a clear resin, sliced completely...
  6. JTurchetta

    Completed Eaglemoss 1:8 Scale DeLorean Time Machine

    Hi everyone! Here is a look at my 1:8 scale Eaglemoss DeLorean. I was lucky enough work on the restoration team of the original A-Car, so I modeled this one after that car. I also was lucky enough to shoot the reveal trailer for that car back when it was completed, so I have riffed on my own...
  7. K

    3D Printing Resources for Scratchbuilding

    Hello all, I really want to start doing more model building, specifically scratch building. I love the look of scratch built models made for older sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Star Wars. I think the super custom and unique models would be extraordinarily fun to make and be able to...
  8. K

    Build logs of creating a sci-fi city for film production, start to finish

    Hi all, I have decided to start my first large-scale model building project, a miniature city. There isn't a specific scale for the city set rather I am just trying to have it feel real because it will mainly be shot in dark scenarios. The concept is that it is a floating city because of...

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