1. benderobot

    Blade 1/6 scale diorama

    Hi, this is my latest work, Blade 1/6 scale diorama, based on the Temple of Eternal Night from the movie. It´s made of extruded polystyrene, plasticard for model building and Das puttty, except for the Blade letters, the rest is handmade.
  2. PhuketAussie

    Eminiar VII garden wall for small aquarium

    I've recently been given a beautiful Siamese fighting fish, so I bought a nice small tank, big enough for him, but small enough that it can sit on my desk. Since my desk is built in the TOS style (Star Trek themed workstation under construction!) I thought it might be fun to build a small...
  3. Frantikgirl

    "OK, show me..." Christine (1/25 Plymouth Fury) and Darnell's Garage Diorama

    After finishing my Mad Max War Rig last year. I wanted to develop some different modeling skills: glossy paint instead of matte, clean instead of dirty, a detailed diorama, and most importantly, lights. I'd never done lights before. So, I decided to try another car. I'm a big Stephen King fan...
  4. benderobot

    The Mandalorian Nevarro City diorama

    Hi, this is my Mandalorian diorama , with customs Din Djarin's cloth cape and Grogu's backpack, 6in black series figures.
  5. zenx13

    Star Wars Speeder Bike Scratch Build & Diorama

    Greetings - I wanted to share my Star Wars Speeded Bike build, I hope this is the best area to do that. My main area of work is in Terrain Building and dioramas and the material I work with most often is XPS Foam (highly compressed pink insulation) so you are about to see a lot of pink...
  6. burtsfilms

    Star Wars - The Mandalorian Themed Christmas Crib Diorama

    Finally the Christmas Crib in Mandalorian Style is done! Was a nice little Project with 3d Printed parts, Foam, Paint, Electronics and a lot of glue. Here is a Making of Video:
  7. Frantikgirl

    Mad Max Fury Road - The War Rig - 1/25 Scale Kit Bash Build

    After seeing the latest Mad Max, I thought: "Boy, I sure do love Fury Road. Wouldn't it be cool to make a model of the War Rig! How hard could it be? I'll just kit bash a couple of models together." Five years, seven individual model kits, hundreds of reference photos, and an incalculable...
  8. catboat

    Mandalorian Diorama for 1/6 scale Hot Toys Mandalorian/IG-11

    Ok I am brand new here to the forums. So hello everyone. I have the 1/6 scale Mandalorian and IG-11 figures from Hot Toys on order and am working on a display for them. I thought about getting a Cricket to cut out the layers needed to recreate the scene after they blow the blast door open in...
  9. D

    1/350 Thunderbird 1 and Launch Bay

    Hello all, during lockdown and now the summer holidays I've found a fair bit of time to get some model-making into my schedule, and I thought I'd start by finally building and painting this Aoshima 1/350 Thunderbird 1 and Launch Bay a couple of weeks ago. I've always loved practical effects (as...
  10. T

    X-Wing and TIE fighter on Exegol—1/72 diorama with Bandai kits

    Hello all, Been a while since I last visited the forum and I’m looking for some thoughts/opinions on a diorama I’m planning. One of the images from “The Rise of Skywalker” that stuck with me long after I’d seen the film in the theater was the sight of Luke’s old T-65 X-Wing that Rey had flown...
  11. DavieVader

    1/6 Scale Kitbash Alien Ripley Spacesuit

    Hello All. My first post! Attached pics of a kitbash project I completed of Ellen Ripley putting on her white spacesuit before she encounters the Alien! I went through several revamps through the last few months. Also have a couple pics of work along the way. I decided to replace Ripley to the...
  12. jusdrewit

    City of Jedha and Star Destroyer diorama

    Was really inspired by a few of these threads so here is my version, it's pretty much finished although I might tinker with the rock color more down the road. Maybe one day I'll go back and add lights to the SD too. The City of Jedha kit was from the awesome JPG Productions and the SD is the...
  13. Nm1cciola

    1/8 Scale Lamp Post

    To whomever sees this post I am just asking to see if anyone knows where I can purchase a 1/8 scale Victorian lamp post. I am working with and 1/8 scale kit and I know that a 1/6 scale would dwarf it, Anyone's advice is welcome. The G scale train lamp light I bought a few years ago is just too...
  14. mrhodes

    Godzilla Ocean Diorama with smoke + lighting effects

    Hey Folks! Just wanted to share a build I just finished and am quite proud of. It's a custom Godzilla diorama, with built-in electronics. I 3D Printed Godzilla from an amazing file by Chaos Core Tech (available at Godzilla! No Supports!) on my SLA printer in a clear resin, sliced completely...
  15. Hedonist Farmer

    Battle on Sullust. Bandai AT-ST diorama (1/48)

    Hello everyone. i realized i never shared my most recent star wars diorama on the RPF so here we go. in case you are wondering the figures are from the board game Star Wars legion, they are not perfectly on scale with the bandai AT-ST but they still looks pretty nice i think. here is the...