1/350 Death Star II Porthole


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This is my main project since months:


The original studio model looks a little arbitrary and boring around the porthole. My main features will be the same, but I'll work with more holes, layers and trenches, and closer to a given grid.


Interior mockup with some raw pipes and a Tie Interceptor (the scratched one I posted a few days ago).



Grids, pipes, towers, framework, surface detail, ... it never ends.
This is no rust - just the first base coats. There will be a coat of red in the end.


Trimming edges is the most time consuming job.


After a long session last weekend. Getting there. Slowly.

When I saw your post the other day, I had an inkling you were going to do this...this was on my list, too, but I don’t think I can do better than this. It’s amazing!

How big are the model’s overall dimensions?
All that detailing looks really awesome.
I'm no good at knowing types of scale, so being 1/350, how big, in inches or feet does that make it?
And since the DS2 has two different sizes people can go by, one being about 100 miles across, and the other being around 560 miles across. Which one are you going by?
@Jaitea: yes, I found that build while researching for my project.

This is how the whole model will look like:

With all pipes and framework it will be approximately 90cm in width and 50 in height and depth in the end.
This would be a surface segment of roughly 300x170 meters in reality. No matter which diameter version, it's only a very small part of the whole station.
Wow -- I wish I had the space available to build and display that. That's pretty amazing! I once considered building a small portion (like, 1/4 of the entryway) in 1/144, but 1/350 is a much better choice. 1/144 would be enormous.
Ever wonder what that port was for? It was a defined structure but nothing underneath seems to be associated with it's function or shape...

I think you have nailed this- the port and the surrounding Death Star hull sections IMO look better than what we saw on film.
This is such an awesome project!
I very much want to build just the opening into the superstructure with the scaffolding around the opening, and use some acrylic rods to mount an appropriate sized Falcon flying into the hole...
Using some lighting, and a proper matte painting of the tunnel, I think you could make a really convincing wall decoration.

I can't wait to see more of this!
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